Naughty Dog's highly-anticipated sequel to the first The Last of Us game is finally here, and to help you early on in your journey helping Ellie, here's a helpful The Last of Us Part 2 guide on how to locate all the safes in the game.

In a previous post by Tech Times, we've shared a helpful The Last of Us Part 2 hack on how to open any of the safe you can find within the game without knowing the combination.

But this time around, we'll also provide the combinations for each of the safe you'll encounter with the help of this guide, since opening these safe could make your gameplay better as each one contains valuable loot.

According to GameSpot, there are around 15 safes that you can find and open, including one locker room and another vault that you could unlock with the help of a code.

Safe #1

The first The Last of Us Part 2 safe is tough to miss as the story leads you to it, and it's in the opening chapter of the game at the supermarket that's filled with the infected. For the code, you need to look at the desk next to it.

The combination of this safe is 07-20-13.

Safe #2

The second vault can be found in The Last of Us Part 2's chapter 2, once you go through the fence Downtown at Madison between 5th and 6th. The story will also lead you to it.

Meanwhile, the code for it can be found on the list of gate codes you have. Choose the one for "West Gate 2," which is 04-51.

Safe #3

The next safe can be found in Seattle Day 1, hidden in the courthouse Downtown. The safe can be quite easy to miss as it's located under the desk beneath the window. You can see it when you descend to the parking garage.

The code is also somewhere in the courthouse, written on a whiteboard close by. If you can't find it, it's 86-72-22.

Safe #4

Still in Seattle Day 1 at the Capitol Hill Chapter. You should see the next location of the next safe after seeing a tripwire connected to explosives, which is in a thrift store across the gym.

The safe would be located at the far back, and you'll pass by a couple of clues written on the walls, specifically at the store's bathroom. If you can't find it, the code is 55-01-33.

The Vault

Although not a safe, the vault still holds vital loot and can be opened by a code. It can also be found early on during Seattle Day 1, but also in later chapters as you start exploring the area.

The vault is in a bank in the Downtown region. It should be in the large open area where Ellie stumbles in after the first chapter, located at 5th and James. Inside the bank, go through the safety deposit box room and the vault.

For the code, you can find a note somewhere, with the code 60-23-06 written down.

While you're inside, you should also check the safety deposit box in the corner for an antique ring that will unlock the "So Great and Small" PlayStation Trophy.

The Locker Room

The locker room isn't safe, but you'll need a code, and you can find the loot inside. This should be the final "safe" you'll discover during Day 1. The locker room should be where you first encountered the Shamblers.

The clue will be on one of the tables at the far back, saying you'll have to buy a soda. But with no change, you can simply break the glass and find the clue on one of the sodas.

If you can't open it, use the combination 1-5-2-4-3.

Safe #5

The next safe can be found early on during Seattle Day 2 in a small town known as Hillcrest. Look specifically for a tattoo parlor that you can see after passing through a bike shop. Once you find the building, go all through it to a smaller building, where the vault is located.

Be careful as there are several infected inside, but after the battle, you can freely open the vault.

The code should be in one of the nearby buildings, which apparently is worth looking at as Hillcrest offers a side quest. But if you want to open the vault, the code is 30-82-65.

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Safe #6

At the latter part of Seattle Day 2, you'll come across a gate you can't open on your way to the hospital. Before doing anything to move on with the story, look for an apartment building with a nearby panel truck. Use it to climb to the second floor and break the window to climb inside, where a safe is waiting at the bedroom with the brown door.

The clue is on the Evacuation Letter on the table and around the apartment. But if you find it hard, the code is 10-08-83.

Safe #7

The final safe for Seattle Day 2 in a pharmacy called Weston. You'll find it after dropping into a pool to swim across to the other side of the road. Make sure you get the pharmacy note for your clue. The safe will be inside the building once you've crawled through a hole in the wall.

The combination for it is 38-55-23.

Safe #8

At Day 3 of The Last of Us Part 2, you can find the safe once you obtain the speedboat and have access to a building you'll have to go through until a gate blocks your way. Once you get off the boat, you'll find a caged area where the safe is.

For the clue, you'll be led to the upper floor as the story progresses. You'll see a bunch of notes that will reveal the code. If you weren't able to find it, the code is 70-12-64.

Safe #9

For the next safe, you have to find the clue for the code first before the safe itself. This will happen during Abby's Seattle Day 1, where you'll reach a boat repair shop. Break a window to get inside the trailer and find the WLF gun cache note, which will have the combination.

The safe will be in a concrete building where you can enter through a hole in the wall, right next to where you'll have to drop down when you leave.

If you want to do a shortcut and go straight to the safe, the code is 17-38-07.

Safe #10

You can find the next safe with Abby, still, right after you find the double-barrel shotgun. Go to the nearby bakery where the safe is located. The code will be on the second floor of the opposite building, where the code is simply written on it.

If you want just to open the safe, use the combination 68-96-89.

Safe #11

For the final safe on Abby's Seattle Day 1 on the crashed ship. Go to the sundeck and then turn left when you reach the top of the stairs to the back of the vessel.

There will be infected throughout the ship, so exploring for the clue would be easier if you clear it out. The clue will be on the mutiny note somewhere on the boat. But if you don't have enough ammo, the clue is 90-77-01.

Safe #12

The next safe can be found during Abby's Seattle Day 2 in an apartment you'll jump into after climbing up the rapids. Besides the safe, you can also find the Neighbor Exchange collectible.

After the story progresses, you can head outside the apartment and look at the apartments' numbers. Then check the Neighbor Exchange note for the exact order of the code, but if you're stuck, use 30-23-04.

Safe #13

The last and final safe throughout The Last of Us Part 2 can be found later in Abby's Seattle Day 2, right on the skyscraper, you'll have to descend on your way to the hospital. But beware, the building is filled with infected. The safe should be at the entrance of the gym, right in front of the front desk.

For the code, the clue is on the back of the gym, but you'll have to look around for any note on how to connect to the wifi. If you don't have the patience, the combination is 12-18-79.

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