After some time of waiting, fans of the Naughty Dog survival game The Last of Us will finally be reunited with the well-loved characters, including main protagonist Ellie, in The Last of Us 2.

PS4 Naughty Dog The Last of Us Part 2 guide how to open safe without combination
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The Last of Us Part 2 includes tons of safes that you can easily open without a combination.

The Last of Us Part 2 is longer

The long wait was definitely worth it as the sequel is roughly twice as long as the original game, according to The Wrap. Of course, it has its own set of pros and cons.

It's good news for anyone who wants to spend a little more time playing The Last of Us  2 and helping Ellie in her journey across a post-apocalyptic United States to continue surviving.

However, the length could be a little dangerous as some might grow tired of the game faster, especially if you have to go back and forth to and from certain places to check every nook and cranny for something you might have missed--including safe combinations.

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Why opening safes is a must

There are a lot of safes in The Last of Us 2 and part of the challenge is finding the combinations to open each one. It's an essential part of the gameplay, although not mandatory since safes often hide the most critical loot in the game which will make your gameplay easier and better.

For example, a safe could include new guns or perhaps skill books that you can use. But here's the thing: not everyone has the patience to find the right combinations for the safes they've discovered, or maybe they don't know where to begin finding all of them.

With that, here's a helpful hack on how to open any safe without knowing the combination. All you really need is a good pair of headphones and somewhere that will allow you to hear the game really well.

How to open any safe without the combination

If you've seen movies where they open safes and vaults without a combination, that's basically how you're going to do it in the game: by listening to clicks.

You don't necessarily have to put your ears close to the vault since if you get to the correct number when you turn the knob, there will be a distinct click that you'll hear which sounds different from the click you would hear if you simply change the number.

With this The Last of Us 2 trick, you scroll through the numbers quickly until you hear that distinct clicking sound--but don't do it too fast or you might end up missing a number.

By doing this easy trick, you can open a safe within a minute or two, which saves you so much time rather than checking every drawer and dark corner that might surprise you with an enemy or two.

Of course, this won't work for people who like to play with the volume low or if you have difficulty hearing. But it's still a good trick if you're not in the mood to hunt for clues.

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