On Friday, June 19, experts found out that there was already a coronavirus spread in Italy, earlier than its first reported case. Two months before Italy's first case in February, the country's health institute studied that there were already virus traces in two of its cities' sewage system. Is this proof that China did not start the virus spread?

Where did Coronavirus started? Italy finds early traces of virus in December 

Italy's National Institute of Health (ISS) said this Friday, June 19, that they had found Coronavirus traces in two cities located in Italy, in mid-December. 

This was contrary to the date of the first reported positive case in the country. According to the report, Italy's first case was reported in mid-February, two months ago, when the virus traces were found.

"Traces of SARS-Cov-2 have been found in samples of wastewater taken in Milan and Turin on Dec. 18 and in Bologna on Jan. 29," said Giuseppina La Rosa, who led the research for a coming study from the country's ISS National Health Institute. "More traces were detected in other test samples through January and February."

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How did they come up with this study?

As explained by the agency, 40 sewage samples were collected from wastewater treatment plants in northern Italy between October and February, last year. 

Samples that came from October and November came back negative with the virus. Wastewater from Bologna, however, began showing traces of the virus in January.

What does this mean?

If the virus started in Italy in December, does this mean that it originally started in this country? To clarify, it is not. 

The Italian government said that the research does not "automatically imply that the main transmission chains that led to the development of the epidemic in our country originated from these very first cases."

However, it mainly explains how the country gets the infectious disease. 

This also proves that the collection of waste from the sewage system may bring info to all countries of the exact date of their infections. 

Paris recorded positive coronavirus case on December 27, 2019

 Since ISS already found out that virus may have been circulating in Italy in mid- December, this supports the idea of Paris discovering a man with pneumonia in late Dec, had coronavirus disease actually.

If Italy records this momentous change, can it mean that other countries may record different Coronavirus findings too?

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