Elon Musk has posted the first official render for what appears to be Gigafactory Berlin's first step. The new plant, featuring a vast, futuristic giant of a building covered by solar panels and several loading bays, is entirely incredible.

Tesla is also refining the manufacturing cycle for Gigafactory Berlin, with the electric car manufacturer 's environmental permit suggesting that it will employ 10,500 employees for the next plant.

Gigafactory Berlin's design

The design of Gigafactory Berlin, which is very similar to Gigafactory Shanghai, was instantly visible from Musk 's recently shared image. It should be noted that Giga Shanghai's first official rendering only depicted the Model 3 facility at the venue. Having that in mind, it seems that the recently shared image of Musk for Giga Berlin reflects only the upcoming Model Y plant.

Elon Musk noted that solar panels would protect the whole plant and that the building's chimneys would be concealed.

These accents offer a futuristic feel to the entire Gigafactory Berlin complex, making it look much different from other vehicle manufacturing facilities in the area, including Volkswagen's Wolfsburg Facility, which consists of numerous traditional industrial constructions.

Gigafactory Berlin's architecture is awe-inspiring overall, and it reflects Tesla's solid, unwavering stand for sustainability. But behind Gigafactory Berlin 's clean, futuristic theme, the facility is also being designed for performance. A look at the facility's sides reveals that it is loaded with truck loading bays.

The first step is already under construction at Gigafactory Berlin. The speed of development of the facility has so far been rapid, suggesting that Tesla's target of beginning next year's Model Y production at the Germany-based plant may very well be feasible. It bodes well for the all-electric crossover's international ramp, which Elon Musk hopes to outsell the combined Model S, Model 3, and Model X.

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Tesla is hiring

Elon Musk will recruit 10,500 employees for the new plant, too. Somewhat surprisingly, the number of workers listed in the company's latest environmental permit is 1,500 smaller than the original figures from Tesla. Past electric car manufacturer filings discussed creating up to 12,000 full-time jobs, as well as apprenticeships.

Gigafactory Berlin will run at three shifts a day, with each shift covered by 3,000 to 3,500 employees each, according to a DW.com article. Tesla is currently looking to manufacture up to 500,000 vehicles per annum on-site with this number of employees. The factory intends to produce for the European market the Model Y, the newest vehicle Tesla has in production.

Rather interestingly, the final environmental permit granted by Tesla is still officially pending, but the company has already started construction work on the massive plant. Construction is currently accelerating at Gigafactory Berlin, with columns now being installed on the site. The first walls have also been placed. A new concrete mixing plant was installed, and a railway station was also planned for unloading.

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