Ghost of Tsushima, the open-world action flick by Sucker Punch that completes the console generation bookend for the studio, might not be the most complex of stories. Still, there might be a few moments when you're unsure how to transform.

With that in mind, we've put together this guide to give you some direction on this epic adventure and then look no further.


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Improve your deflection skill tree

Whether you're employing stealthy or aggressive tactics, you 're definitely going to be fighting someone. You can only parry swordsmen-type foes when the game starts, making fighting some opponents rather tricky. If you unlock any skill on the deflect tree, you can dodge almost any strike, which will be a massive boon to your fighting prowess, so do ASAP.

Do as many randomized encounters as possible

When you discover the world of Tsushima's Ghost, you will periodically run into small groups of enemies along the way. Don't bypass them. Such gangs also take a nearby farmer hostage, who will provide you with useful information upon your escape. This can lead to unexplored Mongolian occupied territory or a side project that you might have already missed. You'll also get a small amount of XP from random encounters.

Focus on archers before everyone else when in combat

You'll be facing many enemies along the way. They will all try to kill you, but none are more embarrassing than archers, who will shoot you from afar continually. At the same time, you attempt to deal with any enemies based on melee. This is disturbing.

If you are not vigilant, in Ghost of Tsushima, archers can kill you more often than anything else. Make sure you beat them in every battle first so that you can target your close-range enemies afterward.

Upgrade your stand-off ability next

Focus on the Stand-Off capabilities after you have upgraded your deflection skills. When you reach the battle, before the actual war starts, you are given a chance to take foes down in a cinematic slash fest. Each upgrade allows you to defeat a further opponent in the battle 's initial Stand-Off section. If you can max it out, you might be able to beat a whole battalion without ever going into the fight.

Purchase the traveler's attire

Make sure to purchase the Traveler's Attire once you start buying goods around the various Tsushima shops like the Golden Temple. Buying it allows you to identify nearby objects at a base level. The attire also removes the fog more effectively from the overall map, making it much easier to achieve the first few tips listed.

Liberate the lands!

Yes, freeing Tsushima is the target of Jin Sakai, but it should be yours too. The fog that surrounds it on the map will clear up when you liberate a chunk of land. If you can conquer the entire city, the map will be transparent, enabling you to see every possible target position at once.

Additionally, it needs you to battle a Mongolian General when you liberate a region. In unlocking a new fighting stance, every Mongolian general you defeat will make headway. Every position makes smoother combat against a specific form of enemies, such as brutes, spearmen, swordsmen, and shielders. There's no better goal to have in the game as regards advancing Jin's abilities.

Do the mythic tales

Do a Mythic Tales if you're in between missions or just want to try something else. These are short side-mission missions based on Japanese legends from the real world. Completing them will give you either a legendary object or a technique that is just a little more effective than your usual movement fare. You can discover new Mythic Talrss by talking with the musician Yamato, who is found in Tsushima. Peasants encountered in random encounters will also send clues about his current whereabouts.

You will look out for "The Heavenly Strike" in Act 1. If you can complete it, you can hear about the Heavenly Strike attack, which is a powerful unblockable attack that can kill most enemies in one slice.

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