Tesla owners may have some funny moments with their expensive vehicles. What will happen if you fill up your own Tesla with gas to power it up? This man already knew the answer after he tries to fill up his Tesla Model 3 vehicle in a gas station; video footage was captured by Facebook influencer Justin Flom.

The Daily Mail reported that the environmental benefits offered by driving an electric vehicle attracted many drivers to buy Tesla vehicles. However, not all of them are knowledgeable of how Elon Musk's vehicles work after a man in Las Vegas tried to fill his own vehicle with petrol, not knowing that his Model 3 runs on battery power.

The magician Justin Flom shared his dashcam footage, which caught the epic moment, on Wednesday, July 15, showing how he was amused and entertained with how the baffled driver tries to refuel his car. Justin Flom thought that the man was going to throw away something after seeing the driver looks into the car again.

he tried to put GAS in his TESLA he tried to put GAS in his TESLA Posted by Justin Flom on Wednesday, 15 July 2020

"Nope, he's not, oh my gosh," said Flom in disbelief after the man gets his wallet and then laughing.

The driver takes the fuel nozzle after he pops the charging port of his Tesla, then tries to put it in. Justin and his girl companion can be heard asking if the driver is using his father's car as he opens the trunk. The driver angrily moved to the other side of his Tesla after he failed to find the petrol port in the trunk, but failed again.

"he tried to put GAS in his TESLA," captioned Flom on his Facebook post."I think he bought Tesla while sleeping, I mean people generally know the specifications of the car he is driving," commented one of the Facebook users.

"Surprised the person who sold him the car didn't explain it doesn't need gas. Poor guy! Eventually, he would have found out about it," another one said."Wow! Agent at the rental probably told him he needed to return it with full tank joking around, and he wasn't listening, maybe?" he wrote jokingly by another Facebook user.

Here's what you need to do if Tesla runs out of power

Forbes report provided the things you need to do if ever your Tesla vehicle runs out of power. The driver should ignore things such as chimes, yellow border pop-ups on the main screen, yellow exclamation points on the driver cluster, and other kinds of warnings. 

Tesla owners should also keep in mind always bringing convenience charger if they have one so that they can charge at an RV park or any regular outlet. Inside what they call the "local valley," there is a SuperCharger where you can make a stop to power up your Tesla. 

Here are some of the things a Tesla vehicle will do if you're about to leave an area with all known chargers;  

  • A Tesla vehicle will warn you if you're about to leave a destination of all known chargers. 
  • The vehicle will know if you can still navigate from your origin-destination to your endpoint. If you're going to leave a SuperCharger and then going to another one, Tesla will also know if you have enough power to do so; if not, it will send a warning and will ask you to go back to recharge further. 
  • To ensure that you reach your destination, Tesla's vehicle will provide you a specific speed reduction if your car is already running low on power.  

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