Kanye West has been losing his mind on Twitter right now. But this time it's not about his campaign for the 2020 elections - but some big bombshells through a series of tweets.

The biggest thing that has caught my attention is Kanye saying, "Everyone knows the film is about me." We will break this bit down for those who don't know and can't connect the dots.

Is Kanye West keeping up with the Kardashians?

Kanye turns his attention to social media a day after his controversial debut political rally in South Carolina. He appeared sporting a military-style jacket with "2020" shaved in the back of his head, indulged in an hour-long train-of-thought session, and at one point, broke down in tears.

This week, as he held his first campaign rally for his presidential bid, the 43-year-old rapper made headlines. It said he and Kim had basically aborted their daughter North West.

Leaks have spoken out about how Kim is "upset" with Kanye over what he said after the stunning announcement, and that they are concerned about him.

West apparently had a very public meltdown on Twitter late Monday, July 20. His message seemed to kick off from Michael Jackson's music video to "Black or White" with one word without comment but was deleted later on.

From there on, Kanye shot away. Among the goals includes family members, including Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Several tweets have since been deleted, but we were able to pull out several messages of Kanye.

In one of his many tweets on Monday night (July 20), Kanye claimed that Kim tried to "bring a doctor to lock [him] up." Kanye recently called out his mother-in-law Kris Jenner and said he didn't want her to be around his kids. In his tweets, he also said that Shia LaBeouf did not turn up for their photoshoot of the Yeezy GAP and that Anna Wintour thought he was insane to partner with the brand.

He posted a screencap of the text message that he sent to Kris at the end of the Twitter rant. He also ended the rant with Google searches screencaps he'd just completed.

Kanye West Twitter Today

Kanye's troubling Twitter frenzy comes on the heels of multiple published reports stating that West didn't file the required paperwork to have his name appear on the presidential ballot in South Carolina.

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What is Get Out?

Kanye posted more tweets in which he compares his life to Get Out.

There are no significant parallels to discovering between being locked up and Jordan Peele's Get Out. It is a film in which some subtly sinister mental health providers use dark techniques on their guests.

The hashtag "Pray for Ye" was trending late in the evening as fans and onlookers poured on with surprise and concern about his safety.

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