Apple will soon introduce its newest model of Apple Watch called Series 6. Of course, this was a follow-up from the sought-after Series 5 fitness watch. However, compared before, Series 6 is rumored to have a blood oxygen level indicator that adds another reason why this device is necessary in today's pandemic. Here's the catch, though. Chinese-company OPPO is also releasing a new OPPO Watch, which can compete against the Apple brand.  

Apple Watch Series 6 has a blood oxygen level?

Apple Watch Series has a lot of features it can be proud of. This device can make calls, answer calls, check the weather, fix meetings, and, most importantly, measures your heart rate, ECG readings, and monitor your workout routine. However, Apple seemed to be discontent with what it can do. 

That's why the brand is rumored to install a new feature on the popular watch that will measure the user's blood oxygen levels. 

According to 9to5mac via Digitimes, Apple Watch Series 6 has a blood oxygen sensor, for the very first time. This means that if you need to monitor someone's blood oxygen flow, Series 6 will help you to identify it faster-- without immediately checking up with a doctor. 

‌Apple Watch‌ 6 will feature biosensors that can monitor sleeping conditions, detect blood oxygen and measure pulse rates, heartbeats, and atrial fibrillation, and will also incorporate MEMS-based accelerometer and gyroscope, all allowing the new device to continue to lead in measurement precision among wearable devices, the sources said.

Amid pandemic, a watch that reads your blood oxygen, is a great device. Blood oxygen level measures how much oxygen your red blood cells are bringing to your body. Once a blood oxygen level is lower than the standard current, this means that you have an issue with your respiratory organs. Once it gets worse, the human body may have impaired heart and brain.  

Apple Watch vs. OPPO Watch: Which is better?

If the rumor is true about the blood oxygen levels on Apple Watch Series 6, congratulations! However, this may not change anything. 

You see, a new fitness watch device is rumored to be the next Apple Watch Series version 2.0. But it does not come from the Cupertino company. It came from China.

Forbes reported that the upcoming OPPO Watch has its very similar characteristics with the Apple Watch. First, the watch design itself looks very alike with the Apple brand. It has its same oblong shape that is taller than it is wide, with distinct curve edges. 

For the functionality, the Chinese brand also offers GPS tracking, breathing app, and heart-tracking to keep you updated during your exercise. Here's the difference. 

The price of one OPPO watch costs $300 to less than $500. Meanwhile, Apple Series 5 costs $699 up to $799. Maybe that's the decision-maker. 

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