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An Oklahoma teenager thanked his Apple Watch for saving his life after the device notified him of his coronary heart rate. Skylar Joslin looks like a regular teenager, but his wearable informed him that he might die of his extraordinary battle.

Liz Joslin, Skylar's mother, said she received a text message with a screenshot of her child's heart rate, and it went 190. The following message said, 'Mommy, there's something wrong, but I'm not doing anything.'"

Skylar was attending his class when Apple Watch notified him

Skylar was in his school, attending his class. At the same time, he got a notification on his Apple Watch and right away knew something is not right.

The teenager expressed his concern about the notification due to the fact that he didn't understand it, and it turned out saying something is wrong with my heart.

Skylar's mother rushed to the school and stated she had "so much fear." By the time Liz and Skylar drove to the hospital, his heart rate climbed even more.

"From the time this happened until his heart surgery, his cardiologist called and stated his coronary heart rate got up to 280 in the middle of the night," Liz said.

Skylar was identified with a rare heart condition called Supraventricular Tachycardia. It makes a fast heartbeat that weakens the coronary heart over time.

Skylar underwent almost eight hours of surgery to restore his heart's rhythm. In the months that followed, Liz was hoping Skylar would go back to his passion.

The boy, according to Liz, prayed every time he undergo operations that he won't have football sessions.

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The kid lived 'normally' after surgery

Skylar returned to the field with a tool that video display units in his heart. He additionally wears his Apple Watch each day and tells others approximately how the device saved his life.

Skylar's science teacher, according to the child, also bought an Apple Watch after knowing what happened. Skylar has one closing process that will allow him to live wire-free.

"There's usually a purpose for the whole lot and that God has a reason for this. Now, he thinks that his motive is to proportion heart awareness," Joslin said.

Smartwatches could detect faster heart rates, study shows

Smartwatches could 'accurately' determine whether people had been experiencing dangerous heart rate issues, according to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Suzanne Steinbaum, a cardiologist at The Mount Sinai Hospital, told the New York Post that devices, just like the Apple Watch, help in taking the guesswork out of a horrifying clinical situation.

"The scariest thing is when humans don't know what's going on, and they stay with it," says Steinbaum of the signs and symptoms of Atrial fibrillation, which consist of dizziness and shortness of breath. The watch, according to Steinbaum, is a "great screening tool" for people who unknowingly had heart disease.

The Apple Watch research was supported through Apple. Still, Steinbaum said sufferers are using different at-home devices to display their heart rates, including Garmin and Polar.

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There are drawbacks to the coronary heart monitoring functions of Apple Watches, too. Some doctors sense the devices increase tension for sufferers, Steinbaum says. And, there are still some kinks on the consumer side. For example, a patient of Steinbaum's came to her in a panic. At the same time, her watch advised her she had "regular sinus rhythm" but turned out to be just a scientific term for a regular rhythm. "We had a moment of, 'oh Apple wishes to give an explanation for this one better!"

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