Niantic Labs' augmented reality mobile game for Android and iOS devices, Pokemon GO, continued to draw in players despite some decline in numbers after its viral launch back in 2016. Perhaps a part of the reason is its continuous content addition. 

How to Defeat the Team GO Rocket Boss

Just last month, the game celebrated its first-ever remote GO Fest due to the coronavirus pandemic, which meant people could not gather together for two days of fun--still, GO Fest 2020 was a success, with some people asking the developers to continue the remote celebration for those who can't go to the actual Fest.

Before GO Fest 2020 happened, there were three weeks of themed challenges, and for the second week, Pokemon GO players had to face off with Team GO Rocket, along with their boss, Giovanni.

Now, the villain is back to cause havoc on PokeStops, and it's up to players to defeat the boss and rescue the Shadow Pokemon in his and his team's possession.

According to GameRant, Giovanni has a new roster of Shadow Pokemon this August, which could make it harder for veteran Pokemon GO players who already know what Pokemon he would bring out and how to counter them.

But fear not as with this guide, we'll help you defeat the Team GO Rocket boss and rescue his Shadow Pokemon to join your party.

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The First Pokemon

Giovanni's first Shadow Pokemon is Persian, a Normal-type Pokemon that has Rock, Fairy, and Dark moves and is perhaps the easiest to beat among the three, so this would be an excellent way to recharge for the Charged move that you can use for his Legendary Shadow Pokemon.

Fighting-type Pokemon work well with Persian, but you'll really want to choose monsters that will work on the last battle.

Nevertheless, here are the best counters for Persian:

  • Machamp with Cross Crop + Counter
  • Poliwrath with Power-Up Punch + Mud Shot
  • Lucario with Power-Up Punch + Counter
  • Blaziken with Blaze Kick + Counter

Defeating the Second Monster

As with any other Pokemon GO battle, a second Pokemon will appear after beating the first. This time, you'll have to beat Sandslash, a Ground-type monster, who is weak to Water, Ice, and Grass-types.

Here are the best counters for Sandslash:

  • Empoleon with Hydro Cannon + Waterfall
  • Kyogre with Hydro Pump + Waterfall
  • Swampert with Hydro Cannon + Water Gun
  • Darmanitan with Avalanche + Ice Fang

The Legendary Choice

Last of all is Giovanni's Legendary choice: a Shadow Mewtwo, one of the first-ever Legendary Pokemon to be introduced to the mobile game. Mewtwo is a Psychic-type with powerful moves that could easily beat any other Pokemon.

However, it does have some weaknesses, specifically against Ghost, Bug, and Dark-types--but you'll want to bring out your best Ghost and Dark-type monsters to win with some powerful but easy-to-stack Charge moves.

Here are some great counters for the Legendary Mewtwo:

  • Hydreigon with Dark Pulse + Bite
  • Chandelure with Shadow Ball + Hex
  • Tyranitar with Crunch + Bite
  • Gengar with Shadow Ball + Shadow Claw

If you're ready to beat Pokemon GO's main villain, equip a Super Rocket Radar to find him easily.

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