The Horizon Zero Dawn PC port is finally here, making it more accessible to everyone. So, for those who weren't able to get and play the PS4 version, you can get the game via Steam to begin your adventure on one of the biggest titles from Guerilla Games.

How to Get Weapons

As with many other action RPG games, you'll need to control Aloy, the game's main heroine, and provide her with the right weapons and tools to traverse a dangerous world overrun by machines.

To survive tough bosses and tons of robotic dinosaurs, you'll need the best weapons that suit your gaming style and remember that there is no singular "best" weapon. Once you get better ones than the last, make sure you equip it to go further into the game.

But where do you get weapons?

According to ScreenRantHorizon Zero Dawn players could get new weapons by completing specific missions throughout the game or buying from merchants.

There are also three versions: the first one is uncommon, which is indicated by the color green. The rare version is known as the Carja version, while the very rare variants are known as Shadow weapons.

Some variants can be acquired through merchants, while Banuk versions are added through The Frozen Wilds DLC, in The Cut, northeast of the map.

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Choosing a Weapon

Basically, there are five types of weapons you can find throughout your Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay: the Hunter Bow, War Bow, Sharpshooter Bow, Ropecaster, and Tearblaster, with each one providing you with different stats, strengths, and weaknesses that could give you an advantage or disadvantage during combat.

For example, Ropecaster could tie down enemies, while the Tearblaster allows you to knock your enemy's resources and armor.

The most basic weapons you can get in the game are Hunter Bows, which are great all-around weapons that are cheaper to craft and useful for hunting, according to Polygon.

You can either get Burn Arrows, which could detonate Blaze Cannisters that create explosions and deal massive damage to your enemies. Or you can use Hardpoint Arrows that could remove components from machines that will make them more vulnerable to your attacks.

As expected, Sharpshooter Bows are pretty much the sniper rifles of the games, allowing you to fire from great distances.

You'll start with the Precision Arrows on its first versions that deliver the most damage to an enemy. Then, the Carja version will allow you to use Tearblaster Arrows for Tear damage, and for its final version, the Harvest Arrows that may not deal that much damage, but could remove resources and components from machines.

Lastly, War Bows almost have the same effect as the Hunter Bows, but the ammo deals elemental damage.

Finding the Upgraded Versions

Each weapon you get will also have upgraded versions that will make them more powerful than its previous state, but not all versions are available in merchants, as a few stores will only include a weapon's first few versions.

The much better upgrades are known as the Shadow versions, and you'll have to wait until mid-game, where you'll have access to Meridian and find a shopkeeper around the area.

Of course, you'll need to have resources, which you can get by defeating those Horizon Zero Dawn machines.

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