A YouTube video shows what seemed to be a capsized boat found in ice near Antarctica.

The Sun reported that a video of the strange finding, which looks like an oddly-shaped iceberg, was uploaded to YouTube by user MrMBB333 on Aug. 7. However, when zoomed in, the 400 feet-long object resembled a cruise ship with chimneys and windows.

MrMBB333 calls himself the "Earth Watchman," and he told his 400,000 YouTube subscribers to "look down on it" as it appears like a ship's outline. He added that the image is about 400 feet and it looks like an "ice ship" that sits off the Antarctican coast.In the video, the snow-covered Antarctic in Google Earth is shown.

MrMBB333 then highlighted a large mass of ice that rose above the snowy landscape, but it suddenly looks like a ship when Google Earth is switched to 3D mode.

The YouTuber regularly examines unusual findings on Google Earth and other areas and discusses them with his huge online audience.

He claimed a certain amount of expertise with more than 10 years of experience. "I have become very familiar with our planet, the mechanics of it, and how it reacts to many different aspects of space weather and many other things as well," MrMBB333 said on his website.

He added that he monitors everything: space, seafloor as well as "everything in between."

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The ice figure sparked some conspiracy theories

The discovery has sparked conspiracy theories with some linking the "boat" to a secret Nazi base in the Arctic or was used to transport world leaders during the global crisis. MrMBB333 shares the strange stuff that fans have spotted on his channel.

Some comments think aliens left the object. "They've been going down there for 80 years or more so there's no telling what they've found or left behind."

Another commenter noted that the "compound" seemed like "it has been blurred out to hide what's there..."

Meanwhile, YouTube commenters also linked the "ice ship" to various conspiracies in the government. One user suggested that "it probably is (an) ice ship that was built in the second world war."

Another conspiracy theorist said he "was told a couple of years ago that there are ships built underground somewhere on the upper east coast," which appear like those in the movie 2012. The commenter said they were used "to save the rich and powerful" after a massive earthquake hit the Canary Islands.

"I want to know why politicians, old astronauts, and religious leaders were invited to Antarctica, and the whole world still doesn't know. Makes me ANGRY!" exclaimed by an angry user.

What NASA says about the "ice ship"

Despite numerous theories about the icy phenomenon, NASA provided a much simpler explanation. The "ice ship" image may just be a case of pareidolia.

According to NASA, pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon whereas people see familiar shapes in rock formations, clouds, and in this case, ice. These patterns seen on Earth and in space are unrelated and do not exist.

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