Reddit users leaked internet bandwidth speed tests of SpaceX's Starlink data that is present in Ookla's website way below its proposed target speed of 16 gigabytes per second (Gbps).

Currently, SpaceX is preparing to launch Starlink to be an upgraded internet service provider to America, and possibly, the whole world, with its satellites orbiting the Earth's atmosphere.

Ars Technica reports that Starlink internet satellites boast a promising 16Gbps data connection for Americans once it is launched and running. However, Redditors who were able to notice Starlink's beta in Ookla's Internet Speedtest Website, download speed reached only a range of 11 to 60 Mbps.

The current minimum speed that reflects on the speed test website is close to only zero point one (0.1) percent of the promised download speed (16 Gbps).

Reddit's r/Starlink community tackled the beta speed of Elon Musk's Space X internet satellite constellation initiative.

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Starlink's Beta Internet Speed

SpaceX's Starlink is still on the beta testing phase and is yet to launch its internet service. The company aims to provide its internet service to the Northern American and Canadian region by this year, 2020. Its global launch is intended to be up and operational by 2021 as stated on their website.

However, as the year 2020 entered its second half, Starlink has yet launched its service for public use. Beta versions are an indication that the project is in its final phase, but talks about its official launch remains unheard.

Redditor u/Snnackss gathered and compiled all internet speed test results from Ookla's website that is taken from Starlink's servers.

Here is a summary of the recently found Starlink speed tests from r/Starlink

As mentioned earlier, download speed ranges from 11Mbps to 60Mbps and portrays an average of 42.8 Mbps. On the other hand, upload speed of the internet satellite range from 4.5 to 17.7 Mbps. Latency ranges from 20 milliseconds to 94 ms. While bringing forth a low internet speed compared to Starlink's promise, Redditors are satisfied with the 11 to 60 Mbps that it is portrayed by the result, as mentioned by PC Mag. Ookla confirmed the test's legitimacy to PC Mag stating that their quality assurance ensures that only legitimate providers are to be seen by users on their platform.

Public Beta Launch

As 2020 works it way up to its second half, SpaceX's Starlink gears to provide for its statement of being an internet service provider for this year. 2020's summer paved the way for private beta launches while asking the public to sign-up for the public beta launch. PC Mag reports that an estimate of 700,000 users has signed up in Starlink's website for their newsletter and beta application. A massive number of signees flooded the website despite not having any commercial promotion or official talks of the beta.

Currently, there are 540 satellites up and running in the Earth's atmosphere that Starlink launched. All these are intended for North America and Canada's connection. SpaceX plans to launch thousands more to cover the rest of the world and provide a global internet service that is the first of its kind.

Starlink aims to launch the beta for public testing later this year and intends to provide its cheap and fast internet connection through satellites to the whole world.

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