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Facebook Is Developing Its Own Internet Satellite, Reportedly Launching Next Year

Emails between the FCC and a firm reveal that Facebook is developing satellite internet. Project Athena, proposed to launch in 2019, will provide internet to underserved areas in the world.

Internet July 21, 2018

ViaSat Set To Launch 1 Tbps Satellites To Deliver Connectivity To Remote Areas

Satellite company ViaSat has announced that it will launch three satellites that will deliver connectivity to remote areas. These satellites will have a total capacity of 1 terabit per second each.

Gadgets February 10, 2016

Google Might Invest $1 Billion to Support SpaceX Internet Satellites Project

Google and SpaceX will make an imposing alliance as they work together to head the race to bring satellite Internet to the world.

Business January 20, 2015

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