The Bridal Box And Other Hot Wedding Trends
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Wedding trends are dynamic with couples stepping outside the box. Beyond doing what is quite expected, they rather go with any latest wedding trend that enhances their personalities. And this what every intending couple should aim for.

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. You should look back on the day with a smile. To achieve this, you must align yourself with the latest wedding trend that suits both your personalities and budget. Not to worry, we've got you covered.

We've put together a list of the current wedding trends suited for every couple. From bridal box subscriptions to wedding rings, micro wedding, and more. Make your pick from the list.

  • Bridal box subscriptions

All you need to do is sign up for bridal box subscriptions. You'll start getting boxes of goodies when and how you want them. There are many bridal box services out there, but one of the best bridal subscription boxes is Miss to Mrs Box.

Miss to Mrs Box is a unique bridal service that caters to the bride from her engagement till the honeymoon. This service has nine themed boxes and four plans. There are monthly and accelerated plans, where the bride gets a box monthly or two boxes monthly. It also has the extended and quarterly plans where brides get one box every two months or three months.

These plans help the service ensure that it sends you a box perfectly fit for every stage of wedding planning. Miss to Mrs Box also caters to same-sex couples. Their boxes carry unique items like beauty essentials, wedding planning tips, and inspiration, décor, apparel, etc.

The bridal box is a new wedding trend that's common among millennial brides who know "what's up." These days, couples work with a skeletal team. Asides that, no bride wants to miss out on the fun associated with wedding planning. Hence, bridal boxes are the ultimate wedding companion that acts as both planner and fun buddy.

  • Wedding rings

A beautiful wedding trend that's on the rise is couples choosing their rings together. These days, it isn't just about the man anymore. His/her partner is going to rock that ring for the rest of their lives. So couples choose their engagement and wedding rings together. More than the cost, they want it to have meaning, a representation of their love and taste. The favored stone cut is a cushion-cut hand-mined diamond, and the trending metal is yellow gold.

  • Green vibes

In 2020, couples are enthusiastic about saving the earth even on their big day. If this is your dream, you can achieve it on a budget. Reduce carbon footprints by sourcing as much as you can from local vendors. Avoid or use only recyclable plastics. Go paperless for your invites or use recyclable paper. Embrace biodegradable confetti, and if possible, home-grow your bouquet. These are some of the easiest ways to have a sustainable wedding.

  • Micro wedding

Away from the crowded weddings, we see couples having a smaller number of guests with a sizeable budget. Adopt the micro wedding trend by inviting a maximum of 50 guests to your wedding. Spend all that money on them by giving them time to remember. From inclusive full option buffet menus to mind-blowing entertainment, unlimited booze, and ample space. Your guests will never forget.

  • The return of the rose

This year, roses are back in full force. Couples are going wedding decoration trends that are both classic and simple. Choose the color of roses to fit the time of the year. Some spring wedding ideas for rose colors include coral, yellow, lemon, and lemon yellow. For the summer, dusky pink and peach are cool. Deep red roses are perfect fall wedding color trends. Use them in single colors for your bouquet, men's boutonnières, and crown. For centerpieces, you can make an assortment of colors for a bold effect.

  • Hands off hair

The fashion-forward woman wants her glorious hairdo to shine on her wedding day. And looking at the current wedding trends, veils are on the decline. High school barrettes and hair combs are back and better. Whether you're aiming for a glamorous, bold, chic, minimalist look, there are barrettes and hair combs to fit. The best part is that these hair accessories are perfect for any hairstyle. They are either bedazzled or bejeweled and hold natural hairstyles firmly. They're both aesthetic and give the bride an alternative look.

  • Edible florals

As a rule, florals and weddings go together. Why not make them edible? Edible florals are game-changers that give everything class. Pressed in homemade candies, blended with salads dropped in cocktails or dessert garnishing, the list is endless.  Edible florals are some of the new wedding reception trends of 2020.

  • It's lit

Lighting is a major contributor to your wedding ambiance. Lit wedding zones are a trend. So, fix your lights strategically. Bring attention to the bar by fixing LED lights because it's party time. Set a romantic ambiance at the table with some colored mildly scented candles. A candelabra lamp above the cake gives off a soothing romantic feel. For the dance floor, decorate with string lights for a fun effect.

  • Self-serve refreshment

One of the new wedding reception trends for couples is to let guests self-serve their refreshments. This will save the couple from hiring bartenders or servers. Set up drink bars with taps flowing with pre-made cocktails and mocktails. You may also make available beers, juices, spirits, wine, and mixers. The guests will help themselves.  However, some guests may overindulge. So, there should be measures in place to curb that

  • Statement tablescapes

Generic tablescapes are fast going out of fashion. The new wedding decoration trends are more personal to match the style and taste of the couple. Couples now want soothing dining ambiance with hanging lamps, gigantic colored candles, and chandeliers. Also, look out for colored glass vases and utensils, layered plates, textured table cloths, and macramé table mats.

Wedding trends keep evolving and couples are moving with them. We've put up a list of the top wedding trends of 2020. Choose trends that suit you and have a wedding to remember.

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