Niantic Labs has only recently held the makeup event for GO Fest 2020. Now, Pokemon GO players will also have another chance at Dragon Week after technical issues occurred during the first week of the Ultra Unlock event. 

Dragon Week Makeup Event

Based on their official announcement via a blog post, the makeup event is open globally and will start on Friday, Aug. 21, at 8:00 a.m. until Wednesday, Aug. 26, at 10:00 p.m. local time.

According to a report by ScreenRant, Dragon Week was marred by technical issues.

However, the developers did not specifically say which areas had problems, but looking at a past Twitter post, it seemed like the Timed Research area faced some difficulties, wherein some Pokemon GO players were unable to recover or see the tasks.

Because of that, Niantic is only bringing back this feature from Dragon Week, meaning other features such as Dragon-type Pokemon spawning more often in the wild, hatching from 7km eggs, and appearing on Raids will not happen.

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No Rayquaza Raids and Spawns

"The other features of the Dragon Week event, such as the featured Pokémon appearing in the wild, will not be active during this event," Niantic wrote.


That means highly-anticipated Dragon-type Pokemon like Bagon, Deino, and Rayquaza won't be available, and those who weren't able to capture them will have to wait until they spawn in the wild again or show up in Raids.

However, the Timed Research rewards will be the same from the rewards during the Dragon Week.

Still, this didn't really go well with many of the Pokemon GO players, with many commenting on both their Twitter and Facebook accounts, showing their dismay over the event,

Many wished they would at least bring back the Dragon-type spawns, especially since they weren't able to catch that many Dragon-type Pokemon during the event, meaning they are unable to evolve the Pokemon into their better forms.

Recently Concluded GO Fest 2020 Makeup Event

This was not the first time Niantic held a makeup event for Pokemon GO.

As aforementioned, the developers held a one-day-only makeup event for GO Fest 2020 as the event itself was riddled with bugs, with many players saying that the app was frequently crashing, making it hard for them to catch any Pokemon.

This year's GO Fest was the first time the Augmented Reality mobile game held an online event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the previous years, GO Fest happened in chosen cities in the world, and those who wanted to join from faraway places had to travel to the cities closest to them and book a hotel for a couple of days, making it an extremely costly experience.

For the first time, Pokemon GO players around the world were able to experience GO Fest, albeit having to pay for a ticket and putting up with the frequent server problems.

As of now, the final Ultra Unlock week is coming to an end, and Niantic hasn't yet revealed what the next big event is, but they are holding a Twitter poll for September and October's Community Days.

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