Finding a six-foot-long python inside the house is quite disturbing and may require a professional snake catcher's service to get rid of it. Usually, the household would be shocked or alarmed by sight.

Thus, it is quite surprising to see how a family calmly take the situation, ignoring the huge reptile, and just continue watching TV.

In a video shared by Redland's Snake Catcher on Facebook, its owner Tony Morrison went to a Cleveland home to remove the serpent seen inside the living room on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

According to Daily Mail, Morrison was expecting homeowners to be hysterical like his other clients. However, he was surprised to see the family steadily watching TV while the snake hides behind the TV cabinet just a few meters away from them.

Morrison pushed the furniture a little to show the snake while the family is caught on video while calmly sitting on the couch.

"The interesting part about this is that it's not just a little snake ... he's a good-sized snake,' Morrison told Daily Mail Australia. He was stunned seeing the family just sitting on the couch watching TV while "they were waiting for me to arrive" to remove the snake.

"That not the usual response from people when they find a snake," he noted adding that his other clients usually wait for him in the kitchen. While Pythons are not venomous, it is advised to call a snake catcher when they see one inside their home.

Like Morrison, Facebook users were also amazed at the family's reactions. "I can't believe they're still watching TV," one fan said.

Another person asked: "How can such a big snake get in the house without being seen?" Redland's Snake Catcher added that the family was just sitting in front of the TV when the snake went in unnoticed.

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Some things to know about pythons

According to Live Science, pythons are usually found in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Python both refers to the family Pythonidae and the genus Python, found within Pythonidae. According to the Reptile Database, there are 41 species of python found within the family Pythonidae, while 13 of them are considered threatened species.

They are nonvenomous snakes, which are considered as Old World snakes since they are not native to North or South America. Pythons and boas are both large constrictors but under separate families.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises washing their hands after each contact with a reptile or its prey as they can spread Salmonella spp and other pathogens. Also, children below five years old or people with compromised immune systems should avoid handling pythons.

Meanwhile, when a python was able to enter the house, Morrison gave some advice on how to handle the reptile. First, do not try to pick up the snake, but call a snake catcher instead. Morrison also added people should never kill it.

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