There's a solution for every problem, and Yip Yap is telling visitors at CES 2015 that it's come up with a fix for the problems caused by putting expensive smartphones in the hands of kids.

The Pipsqueak Bluetooth phone pairs with a parent device much like a Bluetooth headset, and routes the call to the Pipsqueak so the child can speak to his father or grandmother, for example, without getting his or her destructive little hands on an expensive iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 or other high-end smartphone.

The promotional video for the Pipsqueak shows a little tot doing the unthinkable to mommy and daddy's expensive smartphone. She smears peanut butter on it, and then proceeds to allow her huge dog to lick it off. Then she finds her way to the toilet bowl where she proceeds to drop it in the toilet, all the while laughing and giggling.

While its not entirely convincing that this would happen in real life, given that children of that age should of course be supervised by an adult who would inevitably intervene, there is certainly the possibility that a small child could drop or throw the phone without warning, so it seems to fulfill a need.

More so, the Pipsqueak is cute and affordable at a retail price of $99, and it doesn't require any additional fees or plans since it connects via Bluetooth to the parent's phone.

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