Medical experts issued a new warning and statement in the use of alcohol-based substances such as gels, sanitizers, and hand-rubbing liquids that while being beneficial and helpful against the spread of the Novel coronavirus, other harmful bacterias and viruses may build-up immunity and resist its effect.

Dr. Andrew Kemp warns the impending danger of the alcohols' extensive usage to bring unexpected harmful results such as the survival and thrive of other known bacterias and viruses found on the human hands. According to Daily Mail's report, Dr. Kemp recommends that the public still aim for soap and water sanitation.

The head of the Scientific Advisory Board on the British Institute of Cleaning Science warns the public of a possible 'armageddon situation' to befall humans in the overuse and dependability on hand disinfectants. This happening will defeat the purpose of protection against COVID-19 and millions of live 'bad bacteria' and other viruses.

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Lockdown protocol and measures encouraged a mass 'panic buying' of hand sanitizers that are believed to be beneficial in stopping the spread of the virus; however, Dr. Kemp reminds the public that hand sanitizers and alcohol-based disinfectants are only emergency measures or last resort when the there is no availability of soap and water.

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Soap and Water Still the No. 1 Disinfection Method

The public is still encouraged to rely on the soap and water disinfectant method. It is the most effective in stemming the Novel coronavirus and other harmful substances that thrives and latches itself on various human body parts, especially the hands.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC's guidelines talk about alcohol in a way that is as effective as Handwashing and requires less time and effort in disinfection. However, it is quite noting that this method is encouraged only when the hands are clear of foreign materials or visible dirt.

Dr. Kemp says that there is no known proof that alcohol-based gels are capable of killing the coronavirus. Despite the promise of a 99.9 percent germ protection and disinfection, 10,000 bacterias may still live or be caught by one's hands after sanitation.

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The bacteria that survive and resist alcohol will evolve into many infectious and highly dangerous pathogens that may increase in multitude. These bad bacteria will be unknown to the current studies and medicine and will be harmful to each one's health. 

Hand Washing: Do it as MUCH as You Can
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Frequent Handwashing is still the recommended method in killing germs, not only for the sake of the coronavirus but for everything else. The World Health Organization attributes that cleanliness is safer care and preventive measures in fighting off deadly diseases.

It is important to keep in mind that proper Handwashing includes thoroughly wetting your hands with running water, covering your hands with a sufficient amount of anti-bacterial soap, lathering and rubbing for a minimum of 20 seconds, rinsing, drying, and closing the tap with a towel. This will assure every person of a disinfected hands ready for eating and other integral functions. 

Water or H2O is still the planet's best disinfectant, and partnering with anti-bacterial soap will help ensure safety in human health. 

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