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Japanese multinational electronics and video game company, Nintendo, allows custom-made marketing campaigns to enter their hit social simulation video game series, Animal Crossing: New Horizon. The hit Nintendo Switch game rolled out tailored campaigns made by digital marketing teams.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now dominated by campaign materials of Joe Biden's run for the presidential seat in the upcoming 2020 US National Elections. Biden mainly focused on campaigning from inside the comforts of his house as opposed to the traditional street and touring all the country's states.

animal crossing
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According to The Guardian, starting tomorrow, people can now design their front yards with four custom signs that focus on the campaign for the presidential seat this 2020.

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Twitter's Gamers Unimpressed with Campaigns in the Animal Crossing

While a lot are thrilled to support the campaign, there are a handful of people who took it to Twitter to air out their grievances to Nintendo. Twitter's keyword of "Animal Crossing Joe Biden" shows a mix of positive and negative thoughts that shroud the new addition of the game's yard signs.

Check the public's reactions below.

Twitter user, Ren (@lotusmushishi), certainly speaks up on behalf of children who plays the game for fun. The user deliberately expressed his grievances to Nintendo for allowing the game to be invaded by ad-campaigns, despite being a sim-game to enjoy wholesomely.

A verified user even calls it "cringy" for the candidate to use the platform for digital mass appeal.

And while this is Animal Crossing's first encounter with the game being used for political agendas and campaign advertisements, a Twitter user (@jasonsbmoc) remembers 2016 Election's use of the game.

Hillary Clinton is known to have used 'Pokemon Go' as one of her strategies alongside her various campaign materials to appeal to the mass and younger generation of the audience.

Nintendo Gets Praise from Animal Crossing Players

With some players negating the idea of Animal Crossing, a platform of games and social simulation interaction, being turned into a political landscape, a handful praises and notes the success it will have in future campaigns.

Not only that, but people would also be able to utilize the game to function as the 'mirror' to the real-world. Users speculate that in the future, people would be able to bring various things and objects inside the game and utilize the platform for their needs.
With this being said, some gamers still want the title to remain as it is, a game for leisure, fun, and activity to escape from reality in life.

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