Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile Lite is now banned in India after it blocked millions of accounts using different kinds of hacks. The Indian government also prohibited other 118 apps. 

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India didn't release any confirmation if it will only ban the game's mobile version. However, the app developer decided to start banning players' accounts because many of them were using software to win the battle unfairly.

PUBG Mobile announced through a tweet that the game developers blocked 2 million players along with almost 1.5 million devices in just a week. Various types of cheats and other information were provided in the same post.  

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The game developers conduct measures to continuously identify and banned confirmed cheaters from preventing them from ruining the game experience. However, their actions are not enough since the number of hackers and unfair players are still increasing.

"From August 20th to August 27th, 2,273,152 accounts and 1,424,854 devices have been permanently suspended from accessing our game," tweeted the game.

Around 32% of the players used wall-hacks or x-ray vision, while 12% were suspended for speed hacks; 27% were banned because of using aim-bots or auto-aims, and 22% were banned because of unspecified reasons. The mentioned cheats have also been used in various third-person or first-person co-op shooting games.

Other app banned together with PUBG Mobile Lite

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has issued an order for the ban of 118 apps after another ban for 58 Chinese apps on June 29. The total number of apps prohibited in India is now 224 in total. Here are some of the apps you might be familiar with.

1) TikTok

2) WeChat Work

3) APUS Launcher series of apps

4) FaceU - Inspire your Beauty

5) ShareSave by Xiaomi: Latest gadgets, amazing deals

6) Baidu Express Edition

7) Cut Cut - Cut Out & Photo Background Editor

8) CamCard for Salesforce

9) VooV Meeting - Tencent Video Conferencing

10) Small Q brush

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