Although humanity on Mars is an exciting thing, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reminded the public of the reality that there is actually a "good chance" that the first Mars mission settlers will in fact die. Although it is not that easy to imagine, he along with many others are exhausting their resources by working hard in order to minimize the risk of death by certain hardship or maybe even accidents.

A certain volunteer has accepted their fate when death comes on Mars.

In fact, the whole goal is actually to have people be able to comfortably on Mars after a very long time of both work and play that is parallel to the life they would have lived on Earth.

Ready to explore the universe?

There are still a lot of structural questions regarding how human beings will be able to settle on Mars. How will we be able to aim Musk's planned hundreds of Starships towards Mars during the perfect time with the shortest and safest trips? How will the spaceships used turn into something that eventually safely lands on Mars' surface? How will the astronauts be able to survive the whole year-long trip in a particular cramped closed quarters where only a maximum volume is allotted to their supplies.

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These questions are still to be answered before human beings venture to Mars. 

What will happen on Mars?

There are still a few logical reasons to talk about the whole potential of Mars settlers in more actuarial terms. First, the whole trip itself would most likely take about a year based on the current given estimates, and applicants all the way to settlement programs that are told to expect this trip to in fact be one way.

It still currently statistically follows that there is most likely a certain "chance" that the settlers will eventually die on Mars due to the fact that their lives will most likely continue there until they die naturally.

Elon Musk referred mostly to accidental deaths due to tough conditions, but people are currently most likely to stay on Mars for the whole duration either way. When Mars One became open to applicants back in 2013, a huge number of people flocked to audition to be part of the first batch to die on Mars after a particular one-way trip and a whole lifetime of settlement.

One-way Mars applicants

A certain applicant by the name of Taylor Rose Nations who is a chemist said in a podcast back in 2014 that if given the chance to go to Mars and even become a human guinea pig, the applicant would be willing to donate their body to science.

Taylor described this as a personally a lifelong dream to be able to be in Mars and just turn around and look back at Earth.

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