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NASA Kills Hope Of Colonizing Mars, But Elon Musk Says Humans Can

A NASA-led study released on July 30 ruled out the possibility of transforming Mars to a habitable state like Earth by tallying all possible scenarios to make this happen. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, however, begged to differ.

Space August 2, 2018

Liquid Water On Mars Detected Underneath Polar Ice Cap: Game Changer In Search For Alien Life

A team of scientists have detected a lake of liquid water underneath Mars' south pole. The anomaly was detected by MARSIS, an instrument on the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft, and it took years to validate the discovery.

Space July 26, 2018

Martian Dust Can Cover Planet Up To 39 Feet Deep, And Scientists Now Know Where It’s Coming From

Researchers pinpointed a specific geologic formation on Mars responsible for stirring up all that dust on the planet. The Red Planet can get buried up to nearly 40 feet if all that dust settled down.

Space July 25, 2018

Spectacular Image Of Dust Storm Over Martian North Pole Released By ESA

ESA unveiled a stunning new photo of a Martian dust storm brewing over the northern region in May 2018. The photo shows towering clouds of dust covering the Utopia Planitia region near the north pole.

Space July 23, 2018

The European Space Agency Will Launch A New Mars Rover, And You Can Help Name It

The European Space Agency announced a contest to help name the ExoMars rover, which is scheduled to land on the Red Planet in March 2021. Will it be named Marsy McMarsface?

Space July 22, 2018

NASA Captures Images Of Crawling 'Spiders' On Mars

NASA's MRO spacecraft has captured a landscape on planet Mars that features what look like crawling spiders. Scientists call this araneiform terrain. How does it form on the Red Planet?

Space July 13, 2018

Ghost Dunes On Mars May Be Best Chance Of Finding Alien Life

A new study revealed the discovery of about 800 ghost dunes on Mars, which may be the best chance of finding signs of alien life. The ghost dunes are the negative spaces that were left behind by ancient sand dunes.

Space July 12, 2018

Scientists Think NASA Caused A Mars ‘Proof Of Life’ Anomaly 40 Years Ago

Scientists proposed that NASA may have initially found life on Mars 40 years ago. The spacecraft used for the mission, however, may have accidentally evaporated the organic materials that would have been the first evidence of a Martian life.

Space July 12, 2018

Meet Alyssa Carson: This 17-Year-Old Girl Could Be The First Human On Mars

Alyssa Carson, the 17-year-old from Louisiana, is aspiring to be the first human on Mars as she trains and prepares for the manned Mars mission slated for 2033. Here’s how her dream started.

July 11, 2018

Chris Hadfield: We Could Have Traveled To Mars Decades Ago

Astronaut Chris Hadfield thinks we could have been able to go to Mars decades ago. Now, he’s excited for us to finally go to the Red Planet, but he also highlights the potential dangers that could happen along the way.

Space July 9, 2018

Bacteria Can Survive The Frigid, Harsh Environment Of Mars

Researchers found that hardy microbes found in Earth’s Arctic regions could possibly survive the extreme Martian climate. The findings raise expectations for the survivability of bacteria in other worlds.

Space July 7, 2018

NASA Opportunity Rover Still Silent Under Massive Mars Dust Storm

The Opportunity rover has not sent a photo back to Earth since June 10, as a massive dust storm enveloped Mars. NASA is confident that the rover will survive the ordeal, as it hibernates to ride out the storm.

Space July 6, 2018

Heavy Rain Carved Complex Network Of Valleys On Mars 3.8 Billion Years Ago

The networks of deep channels carved into the ground on Mars were caused by rain pummeling through the planet’s once-dense atmosphere. However, the bigger question is: Where has all the water gone?

Space June 29, 2018

Life On Mars Possibly Began 100 Million Years Earlier Than Earth

A new study found that Mars’ final crust hardened rapidly than how Earth’s crust was formed. This new finding suggested that Mars may have become habitable 100 million years earlier than Earth.

Space June 28, 2018

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Captures Image Of Blue Dune On Red Planet

The HiRISE camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured an image of a blue dune on Mars' Lyot Crater region. The image was enhanced to provide a better look at the surface features of the Red Planet.

Space June 23, 2018

Thickening Haze In Mars Is Now A ‘Planet-Encircling’ Global Dust Storm

The dust storm in Mars has engulfed almost the entire planet as haze levels reach the highest in history. The Curiosity rover is not affected by the lack of sunlight as it is powered by nuclear energy.

Space June 21, 2018

This Is What A Meteoroid Impact On Mars Looks Like

NASA’s MRO orbiter captured new images of a meteoroid impact on Mars. The pictures show a 1-kilometer-long streak of dark soil gushing from the crater, suggesting the impact caused an avalanche on a Martian hill.

Space June 19, 2018

Scientists Identify Source Of Mysterious Mars Rock Formation

A recent study had pinpointed what could have spawned the formation of the mysterious Medusae Fossae Formation. The insights from the new study could contribute answers to questions on whether life is possible in Mars.

Space June 19, 2018

Visual Artist Creates Video Simulating A Flyby On Mars Using Real Data

A visual artist used data captured with a camera on Mars then turned it into a video. The video shows what it would be like to fly over the Martian surface.

Space June 18, 2018

Retired Astronaut Believes That NASA, SpaceX And Blue Origin Rockets Could Not Transport Humans To Mars

Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield mentioned that he is not comfortable with the idea of NASA and aerospace firms Blue Origin and SpaceX transporting people to Mars. He believed that there are too many risk factors.

Space June 18, 2018

Mars Will Appear Brighter In The Night Sky Than It Has Been In 15 Years

Mars and Earth will get closer to each other than they have been in the past 15 years. The event will take place throughout the month of July as a result of a unique phenomenon known as a 'perihelic opposition.'

Space June 18, 2018

This Species Of Bacteria May Help Humans Breathe On Planet Mars

A species of low-light adapted cyanobacteria can be sent to Mars to produce oxygen for colonists. These organisms can thrive in harsh environments and could make the Red Planet breathable to humans.

Space June 18, 2018

Did NASA Curiosity Rover See An Alien On Mars? Blurred Figure In Photo Stirs Controversy

The NASA Curiosity rover, which recently discovered ancient organic matter on Mars, may have taken pictures of life on the Red Planet. Controversial YouTube channel Secureteam10 claimed that the blurred object on the photos is evidence of aliens.

Space June 18, 2018

Scientists Discover New Strong Bacteria That Could Help Us Find Aliens On Mars: What Is Chroococcidiopsis?

Scientists revealed that a type of cyanobacteria called chroococcidiopsis absorbs low light and still produces oxygen. This organism can be used to help humans explore Mars.

Space June 15, 2018

Is NASA's Mars Opportunity Dead? Rover Silent Amid Massive Dust Storm On Red Planet

Mission engineers failed to make contact with NASA's Mars Opportunity rover, which is now on low power fault mode after failing to recharge its batteries sufficiently. Can Opportunity survive the intense Mars dust storm?

Space June 14, 2018

Mysterious Moon Warming Caused By NASA's Apollo Astronauts: Here's How Space Missions Can Affect Planet Mars

The warming of the moon in the 1970s is caused by NASA's Apollo astronauts who disrupted the regolith on the lunar surface. How can space missions affect planet Mars and potential Martian life?

Space June 11, 2018

NASA Shuts Down Opportunity Rover Due To Mars Dust Storm Bigger Than North America

NASA suspended the operations of the Opportunity rover in Mars as it was engulfed by a massive dust storm. Will the rover, which reached a milestone of spending 5,000 Martian days in February, make it through the ordeal?

Space June 11, 2018

NASA Curiosity Rover Found Ancient Organic Matter On Mars: Does That Mean Aliens?

The NASA Curiosity rover on Mars found ancient organic matter in soil samples and methane in the atmosphere, which were described as 'breakthroughs in astrobiology.' Does this mean that there are aliens on Mars?

Space June 8, 2018

Americans Want NASA To Focus On Saving The Earth, Not Space Exploration

NASA is currently focused on missions that will send humans to the Moon and Mars. A survey, however, revealed that Americans think NASA should instead focus on studying climate change and monitoring asteroids that may crash into Earth.

Space June 7, 2018

NASA Will Reveal Secret Mars Curiosity Rover Findings On June 7

NASA will reveal the findings of the Mars Curiosity rover on Thursday, June 7 in a live panel. NASA is holding the results of the findings for a couple of days.

Space June 5, 2018

First Deep Space CubeSats Head For Mars: What Are The Objectives Of NASA's $18.5 Million MarCO Mission?

MarCO-B encountered a problem during the trajectory correction maneuver but NASA engineers are optimistic MarCO mission will make it to the Red Planet. What are the objectives of sending these interplanetary CubeSats to Mars?

Space June 3, 2018

Having Sex On Mars Could Be Challenging And It Might Lead To A New Species

If humans colonized Mars, some of them may want to reproduce on the red planet. Researchers discuss the challenges of having sex on Mars and the possibility of a new species.

Space May 31, 2018

Mars Rocks In Ancient Lakes May Hold Proof Of Life

Mars rocks found near the sites of ancient lakes may hold proof that microbes on Mars once existed. Researchers have mapped out a field guide for future Mars missions, showing where to look for the fossils.

Space May 28, 2018

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Successfully Drills Duluth Rock After More Than A Year Of Drilling Hiatus

Mars Curiosity rover has been on a drilling hiatus since late 2016 after its drill broke down but a new drilling method overcame the mechanical problem. How does feed extended drilling work?

Space May 24, 2018

Here’s Why Earth Isn’t Red — Hint: It’s Because Of This Iron-Stealing Mineral

New research claims that Garnet, not magnetite, is stealing iron from the Earth’s crust. The researchers think that’s why Earth isn’t as red as Mars.

Earth/Environment May 21, 2018

On The Way To Mars, NASA Satellite Snaps A Photo Of Earth And Moon

The MarCO CubeSats accompanying the InSight lander headed to Mars wanted to check if the journey is going well, so it snapped a photo of its antenna. But there were a couple of photobombers.

Space May 16, 2018

Scientists Discover New Archaeal Lineage At Yellowstone National Park That Could Possibly Explain The Origin Of Life

Scientists have just discovered a new archaeal lineage at Yellowstone National Park. The discovery could help explain how early life began on Earth and possibly on Mars as well.

Earth/Environment May 15, 2018

Scientists Say Earth's Acidic Streams Suggest 12,000 Olympic-Sized Pools Of Evidence Of Life On Mars

Scientists believe that there is a connection between the acidic streams on Earth and potential life on Mars. They studied acidic streams in Dorset, an area in the United Kingdom.

Space May 15, 2018

NASA Will Send An Autonomous Helicopter To Mars During The 2020 Mission To Take Photos

NASA announced that an autonomous helicopter will join a rover for the Mars 2020 mission. The helicopter will fly around Mars and take bird's-eye view photos of the planet.

Space May 11, 2018

First CubeSats Signal Radio Home On Way To Mars, NASA Says

NASA just received two radio signals from the MarCO satellites. The two small satellites will accompany the InSight lander on its journey to study Mars’ structure and its interior.

Space May 7, 2018

NASA InSight Mars Lander Launched: Red Planet Interior Will Be Probed And Mapped

NASA resumed its mission to probe Mars as it launched a new spacecraft that is expected to study the red planet from California. The InSight lander is expected to arrive on the planet sometime in November.

Space May 5, 2018

Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, And More To Appear During The Spring And Summer Evening Skies

Certain planets and stars will become more visible to the eye during the spring and summer evening hours. Planets such as Venus, Saturn, and Mars will be seen during the late evening hours.

Space May 4, 2018

European Space Agency Releases First Color Images Of Mars' Surface Showing Its Atmosphere

Trace Gas Orbiter, a space orbiter by the European Space Agency and RosCosmos, released the first color image of the Martian surface. In the photo, Mars' atmosphere can be seen.

Space May 3, 2018

NASA Mars InSight Set To Launch: Here's Why The Mission Is So Important

After a two-year delay, NASA will finally launch the InSight Mars mission to space. The spacecraft, which will be equipped with various tools, will study not the Red Planet's surface, but rather what lies underneath.

Space May 1, 2018

Don’t Be Fooled: The ‘Warrior Woman’ Rock On Mars Isn’t Proof Of An Early Civilization

A new rock formation on Mars is being hailed as proof that an ancient civilization once existed on the planet. Don’t believe it — it’s your mind playing tricks on you.

Space April 30, 2018

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