Cheaters ruin any games they are in, and that's the struggle many Team Fortress 2 players are experiencing, so a player or team of players has created the best solution they can think of: The Extermination Bot Services.

The "Good" Bots to the Rescue

In a report by GameSpot, the extermination bots or the "good" bots are practically cheaters as well, but they are scripted to exterminate other cheaters in any game.

Before other Team Fortress 2 players raise their eyebrows, these bots are actually friendly to real players, according to a Twitter user who shared a screenshot of the bots in action, writing, "they won't kill you, if you see one of them don't kick him, they're friendly with true players, they will help you."

There are also several published videos showing the good bots taking down the bad bots.

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A Rise in Cheaters and Racists In-Game

According to the report, the Valve title players have seen a significant rise in the numbers of bots in-game to the point where it basically ruined the game experience for them and disturbed the real players.

Outlets have reported the bot infiltration as tons of players went online to express their frustrations.

The developers did take action to help stop the cheating bots, but they were apparently minimal and didn't entirely stop them from ruining the game for everyone.

Based on the report, Valve has implemented an anti-bot fix back in June of this year wherein "certain new accounts" are unable to use the chat function during official matchmaking modes, but it seems that the cheaters have found a way to use new and free accounts to affect everyone else's gameplay negatively.

Aside from cheating, many of these bots also post racist stuff and abuse other players in-game--and so, a player or a group of players have taken matters into their own hands.

Unfortunately, no one really knows where The Extermination Bot Services came from and who is behind the movement.

Fending For Themselves

Before the bots came, various Team Fortress 2 players have been trying to outsmart the bots in-game, creating communities where they could share all they know about them.

"We use TF2's wide array of unlocks to be as resistant to the instant headshots as possible. The second priority is the high-DPS loadouts. We try to get the Steam accounts of the bots and report them, as that's the most we can do," a subreddit moderator shared with an interview with Kotaku.

Another player also created the TF2 bot detector, which could automatically detect bots and votekicks them.

Despite all these efforts, bots are still rampant in-game, and the good bots--despite being a fun way to help solve the problem--are still far from being the final cure.

So, will Valve work on this problem?

Unfortunately, an employee from the company has confirmed that hardly anyone is working on the game anymore, so it seems like players are left to fend for themselves until they find some time and people to work on the game itself and create a more effective solution.

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