Microsoft Founder, software developer, and philanthropist, Bill Gates, believes that Elon Musk's promise and products that he will possibly bring to the world, such as Tesla Semi and electric airplanes, will not push through. Gates is known to share his opinions on blog posts that comment on world happenings and specific climate change problems.

Bill Gates is looking down on Elon Musk's Tesla in delivering massive electric vehicles such as the futuristic-looking Tesla Semi Cargo Truck and the commercial passenger aircraft running fully on battery. The transportation and cargo shipping industry largely relies on fossil fuel products that bring massive carbon emissions that prove harmful to the environment.

The Microsoft founder's blog consists of Bill Gates' opinion of the world and climate change, mainly focusing on the latter and spreading awareness to the general public. Gates Notes centers on his opinion and how climate change would affect and future generations.

Bill gates
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Tesla and Elon Musk's wild ideas to electrify large-scale transportations such as cargo and commercial flying prove ideal in Bill Gates' zero-carbon visions. However, Gates' blog post thinks otherwise despite the Microsoft founder known to drive a Tesla Model X daily. 

Gates Notes' Zero-Carbon Transportation
Tesla Semi
(Photo : Tesla )
Tesla Semi

Bill Gates' latest entry entitled, "How do we move around in a zero-carbon world?" presents the founder's concern on the pressing issues of climate change that, despite toning down during the Novel coronavirus situation, is still on the edge of endangering the planet and its people.

The blog post centers on revolutionizing transportation towards the greener side of things. Electrifying the world's mode of transportation would bring massive help and change in Earth's depleting resources.

Vehicles, culprits to Carbon Emissions?

According to Gates, vehicles are the first thing that comes to mind whenever the question is asked about what brings climate change. The founder argues that despite being the largest contributor in the United States, it is only a small percentage of 16 percent to the global emission rates. Manufacturing, Charging, and Planting are also culprits in the contribution to greenhouse gases.

Bill Gates also said that transportation should be lessened. Still, his statement's ultimate goal is to transition the world into using and relying on zero-carbon means of going from one place to another.

Tesla and Bill Gates—It's probably never a practical solution

Gates Notes' blog post mentioned that two things can solve the world's problem right now regarding climate change: clean electricity for running vehicles and cheap alternatives for fuel for others.

According to Gates, electric vehicles are raging down the world as various manufacturers produce their own EVs. The batteries in the vehicles have seen an 85 percent price drop since 2010 and are getting more affordable.

Gates mentioned that EVs are transitioning to electric pick-up trucks with GM, Rivian, and Bollinger manufacturers. Despite Tesla's Cybertruck concept, Bill Gates failed to commend and include this in his post.

Tesla Cyber Truck
(Photo : Tesla)
Tesla Cybertruck

Bill Gates also believes that electrification is not for all transportation modes with its ensuing problem of heaviness that is not ideal for long hauls. The larger the vehicle gets, partnered with its cargo mass, the more batteries are needed to keep it running.

Electrifying large vehicles is 'probably never a practical solution,' as believed by Bill Gates. Alternative fuels such as biofuels and electrofuel should be the focus of the industry now, towards cargo and passenger flights, according to Gates, despite Elon Musk's effort in helping out the trade.

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