Research shows that employees who work from home spend an extra hour on sending more emails and attending more meetings than in the office.

Despite a longer working period, 90% of staff prefer working from home while 70% of them say they are more productive when working from home than in the office.

According to The Times, based on the National Bureau of Economic Research report that surveyed 21,000 companies in the United States, Middle East, and Europe showed that the length of time between the first and last email sent by employees within a day increased 48.5 minutes. Find some tools to give you greater control over your schedule.

Got Free Time? Here Are Easy Ways to Schedule Meetings Via Gmail
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Here are easy ways to schedule meetings without leaving Gmail

Since people are always checking your email, it is much better to get notifications for the next meeting directly from Gmail. However, it is not easy to schedule meetings through emails as you must know the other person's free time slots and match it with yours as well as consider the time zones.

Good thing, there are some tools that can aid in scheduling meetings through Gmail. Here are some of them:

Meeting Scheduler for Gmail

Meeting Scheduler lets you schedule meetings directly from your Gmail by sending a link of your availability in your email. At the same time, recipients can reserve a meeting slot in your Google calendar. Here is how to install and use them.

Meeting Scheduler for Gmail
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Meeting Scheduler for Gmail
  • Install cloudHQ Chrome browser extension Meeting Scheduler in GmailTM.
  • Add the extension to Chrome, so you have the "Schedule meeting" button in your Gmail.
  • Once installed, you can easily insert availability links directly when you compose emails from Gmail using the calendar icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill in the schedule details: meeting duration, date, and your availability for this invite.
  • Click Authorize, the click "Allow" button for Google Calendar.
  • Your availability link will show in the email that you will send.
  • You can check status by clicking the link in your email.
  • Once the recipient clicks the link, he or she will see your availability
  • He or she could choose the date and Time
  • After which, cloudHQ summarizes the meeting schedule
  • The Inviter will get schedule and the meeting schedule is set.

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Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang can save the time and effort of setting meetings without leaving your email. You can save time spent on double bookings and missing meetings because of typo errors.

This is a multipurpose extension for Gmail. Aside from scheduling meetings, it can help also schedule emails, set custom reminders, and pause your inbox. Learn how to set it up below:

Boomerang for Gmail
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Boomerang for Gmail
  • Download the Boomerang for Gmail extension
  • Once set up, open Gmail.
  • Click the Compose button or reply to an email.
  • Click on the calendar icon in the Boomerang menu. It will show three options: Suggest Times, Share Free/Busy, and Create Event.
  • Choose Suggest Times option and a new window will show your calendar.
  • Pick the desired meeting duration and free time slots. You can see the preview on the right side.
  • Recipients just have to tap on the free slot of their choice.
  • Meanwhile, you can choose a time frame in the coming days and Boomerang will automatically post your schedule in an email.

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Available for Gmail

Another tool that you can use is Available for Gmail Chrome extension. It allows you to share your calendar availability through Gmail by selecting time slots from your Google Calendar.

Available for Gmail
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Available for Gmail
  • Once extension is installed, open your Gmail on Chrome.
  • Tap on the calendar button beside the Send button.
  • Choose your free slots in the calendar.
  • These timeslots will show in the recipient's emails and they can choose one to set the meeting.

    There numerous tools available to aid people in scheduling a meeting. However, the tools mentioned here give you greater control over your schedule.

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