All the way back some time mid-August, the packaging of what seemingly appeared to actually be a controller for the upcoming Xbox Series S was secretly leaked online, the leak pretty much confirmed the rumors that Microsoft was creating a  much more affordable next-gen console!

Now, there might already be a whole idea of what the device looks like due to another leak provided by Brad Sams. The video render shows the world a particular white console that looks really similar to the Xbox Series X but still not entirely alike. This came along with the given controller shown last month.

Disc-less console?

The console does not really show a disc drive but it is hard to tell for sure due to the limited visuals. In order to verify if the next console will be using a disc drive or not, more images will be needed of the Xbox Series S.

There are a positive side and a negative side of this leak. The positive side is that the console will be priced at a very affordable $299. This will become one of the cheaper high powered consoles that gamers have had in a really long time. The price also makes it a much more appealing option for certain parents to choose for their kids coming holiday season (this is of course if Microsoft decides to launch this year).

Just like what Sams previously noted in his own report, this means that the powerful One X could actually set buyers back at about $599 when it is expected to launch in November. According to the circulating rumors regarding the Series S that have already been circulating ever since some time last year, Microsoft was allegedly developing a certain disc-less console that was given the codename "Lockhart".

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The given specs of this upcoming console

The console is said to be reportedly capable of running 1080p and also 1440p gaming which is pretty good for any console. The downside, however, is that the console will only be equipped with 7.5GB RAM instead of the previous 13.5GB that was said to be found on the Series X. The console is also said to actually have an underclocked CPU and also a slightly lower performance GPU.

A certain Twitter user who goes by the name WalkingCat has recently published a certain short video that shows just how the Series S and the Series X are when put together. Just like what you can see, the Series S might potentially be a little bit smaller and also a little bit more expensive in comparison to its sibling.

For further information about both the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X, fans will just have to wait for more confirmation given by Microsoft themselves. As of now, the leak shows that the Xbox Series S will be priced at $299.

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