Apple has previously been going on with the habit of suddenly taking things down and off the market before deciding to launch some newer things. It actually takes the whole Apple Store down for just a while in order to make their newer products available.

Now, Apple is seen to be taking down the availability of the current generation Apple Watch Series 5, which is particularly crafty manufacturers employ when a brand new model is about to come out. This is sort of naturally adding fuel to the whole speculation that the awaited Apple Watch 6 should be arriving sooner than ever.

How does this technique work?

This technique works by rendering the previous model obsolete in order to create a consumeristic need to update. This also works as a scarcity method cutting off the older models making newer buyers who originally wanted the older models look forward to the newer models instead.

Apple uses a lot of clever marketing techniques and these are just a few of them. The good thing about these techniques is that it makes it easier to spot if Apple is on the move and launching a new product sometime soon! This way, you can save yourself from buying the current version and might just settle for the newer one instead.

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Supporting evidence

9to5Mac also notes that this sudden death of the known Apple Watch 5 stocks is not actually global but just a vast majority of the company's websites have already marked this specific smartwatch as unavailable.

Although Europe seems to currently still be in business, as usual, Brazil, on the other hand, has lengthened the whole shipping time. Consumers all the way in China and the US, however, will have a hard time finding it from retailers.

These signs all point towards the possibility that the upcoming Apple Watch 6's announcement is right there just around the corner! This, however, is still a presumption anyway.

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When is the date?

The exact date pertaining to the announcement is still pretty debatable at the moment but a certain Jon Prosser still claiming that the upcoming press release will happen on Tuesday Morning. Bloomberg's very own Mark Gurman, however, believes that the announcement will only be an announcement of an announcement.

This actual iPhone 12, as well as the Apple Watch event, might actually be scheduled for some time later this month, instead. To a certain extent, some might still find it hard to actually get excited over the whole Apple Watch Series 6 with certain runmors pointing to only a few upgrades.

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