If you aren't yet familiar with Funko Inc., this is actually an American company that is allowed to manufacture certain licensed pop culture collectibles. These Funko Pops are best known for the little licensed vinyl figurines as well as bobbleheads. In addition to this, the company also produces certain licensed plush, action figures, and also electronic items just like USB drives, headphones, and even lamps.

The company was first founded back in 1998 by a certain Mike Becker, Funko was actually originally conceived as sort of a small project to try and create various low-tech, nostalgia-themed toys. The company's very first manufactured bobblehead was made in the image of the popular restaurant advertising icon called the Big Boy mascot!

The Funko Pop success

Sold back in 2005, Funk LLC is currently headed by a certain CEO Brian Mariotti, and ever since then, the company has massively scaled in the scope of its toy lines and has also signed major licensing deals with the big shot companies.

What's so cool about Funko pops is that you'll be able to have a mini collectible of maybe your favorite artist, musician, or pop culture icon. Ever wondered how high these prices can get? Well, the ceiling is about $13,300 and you'll be shocked to know just what figurine costs that much!

Can you imagine a Funko pop being priced at $13,000? What actual pop culture character could be worthy enough for this price? What's even more amazing is that the most expensive Funko pop is actually from a classical movie with a cult following instead of one of those extremely mainstream ones.

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Here are the most expensive Funko Pops of all time:

Clockwork Orange - Glow is priced at $13,300

Freddy Junko (Jamie Lannister Bloody) is priced at $12,100

Freddy Funko - Glow Count Dracula (Chase) is priced at $10,000

Stan Lee - Superhero Red Metallic is priced at $8,800

Freddy Funko as Venmo is priced at $7,900

Freddy Funko - Glow Franklin Berry is priced at $7,200

Boo Berry (Chase Glow) is priced at $6,700

Freddy Funko - Glow Buzz Lightyear is priced at $6,300

Dumbo (Clown) is priced at $6,000

Freddie Funko - Metallic Buzz Lightyear is priced at $5,600

Freddy Funko - Metallic Count Chocula is priced at $5,500

Hologram Darth Maul is priced at $4,900

Freddy Funko (Ghost Rider Metallic) is priced at $4,500

Freddy Funko - Orange is priced at $4,100

Superman (Chase) (Bobblehead Metallic) is priced at $4,100

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Can you spend that much on Funko Pops?

You might not be willing to spend this much money on a single Funko Pop but there are actually people out there who are willing to pay an extremely big amount of money in order to get themselves one of those rare Funko Pops.

This is the beauty of Funko pops, they have become collectibles and the rarer your Funko Pop is, the more pricey it could actually become!

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