After Heatran, a new Pokemon is featured in the five-star Legendary Boss Raids on Pokemon GO until Friday, Sept. 18, at 1:00 p.m., but before you can add Cresselia to your Pokedex, you have to defeat it first and catch it, and here's how you can do that.

Cresselia is a Lunar Pokemon, and its moveset will most likely be psychic-type abilities, especially as the Pokemon itself is a pure Psychic-type monster.

How to Beat Cresselia on Pokemon GO

Since Cresselia isn't technically out yet, GamesRadar isn't quite sure what moves it will have, but the gaming news outlet has laid out Cresselia's possible movesets, as well as types of Pokemon attacks that would be super effective

The outlet has laid out the following moves (Fast move + Charged move), including the best counters inside the parentheses:

  • Psycho Cut (Dark) + Future Sight (Dark)
  • Confusion (Dark) + Moon Blast (Dark, Dragon, Fire)
  • Confusion (Dark) + Aurora Beam (Dark, Dragon, Water)

Basically, your best choice is to use Dark-type monsters with the same type of attacks as these choices could resist all of Cresselia's possible moves and would deal double damage.

Nevertheless, not every Pokemon GO player has six powerful Dark-type Pokemon, so a couple more choices are Ghost and Bug-types--as much as possible, never use any Fighting, and Psychic-type monsters as Cresselia's moves would be super effective against them.

Here's a list of the best Pokemon you can choose along with the best possible moves:

  • Giratina with Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball
  • Mewtwo with Psycho Cut + Shadow Ball
  • Darkrai with Snarl + Dark Pulse
  • Tyranitar with Bite + Crunch
  • Houndoom with Snarl + Foul Play
  • Weavile with Snarl + Foul Play
  • Genesect with Fury Cutter + X-Scissor
  • Chandelure with Hex + Shadow Ball
  • Volcarona with Bug Bite + Bug Buzz
  • Hydreigon with Bite + Dark Pulse

You'll also want to invite your Best Friends with Weather Boost to increase your chances of beating the Pokemon, but you'll definitely like to invite more players.

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Shiny Odds

Pokemon GO players were previously given a chance to catch Cresselia after completing several Special Field Research sets. Nevertheless, catching a Shiny is rather a rare chance, but since the Pokemon is available on Legendary Raids, you can have more chances of getting a Shiny Cresselia--that is if you have tons of Raid Passes.

As with most Legendary Pokemon in Raids, the chances to getting the Shiny version of a monster is one in 20.

With that, you'll have to join and win at least 20 rounds of Cresselia Raids before you can get the chance to encounter a Shiny.

How to Catch Cresselia

Catching Cresselia could be a massive challenge for some Pokemon GO players, but based on the news outlet, you'll definitely want to use a Pinap Berry instead of a Razz Berry as this Legendary monster has a 100% catch rate as long as you don't miss with every ball.

You can also maximize your chances of capturing Cresselia with an Excellent throw and curveball throws.

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