In an article by SCMP written back on July 12, 2020, Hong Kong's very own top university has previously dismissed as "hearsay" and also distanced itself from allegations made by a certain virologist that it formerly employed stating that Beijing actually covered up the whole coronavirus outbreak back in December.

A particular Li-MengYan , who was working as a postdoctoral fellow at the known University of Hong Kong's own school of public health, gave the story in a Fox News interview that the HKU itself had failed to act upon her previous statements that the virus could eventually spread amongst humans.

The virologist had claims before the pandemic broke out

The virologist then said that she had uncovered certain evidence that the Chinese authorities themselves were well aware of the human-to-human transmission of the known coronavirus sometime late December, which she previously said that she passed to her superiors over at the university but was then asked to keep this knowledge quite. HKU has confirmed that Yan was an actual postdoctoral fellow who had previously left the university.

According to the reading, HKU did note that the content of this said news report does not actually accord with the whole key facts as they understood. It was also stated that they have observed that what she might have actually emphasized in the previously reported interview actually has no actual scientific basis but closely resembles hearsay.

HKU has also clarified that Yan has not actually conducted research regarding this topic at the university from the time December to January.

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The dangerous discovery was asked to be kept secret

Yan has recently stated that she was one of the world's own first scientists to study the recent virus from December's end when her own supervisor Professor Leo Poom Lit-man, the known HKU school's division head, they asked her to secretly actually investigate the developments all the way in mainland China.

She previously obtained back on December 31 what she then called particular first-hand information from a known scientist friend that was working for the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who actually claimed that there indeed was a human-to-human transition because of the known existence of clusters within different families.

Yan then claimed that when she actually told Poon about the possible human-to-human transmission, he then proceeded to ask her to stay silent and also be careful. Professor Yuen Kwok-yung then informed the health minister known as Sophia Chan Siu-chee about the outbreak in Wuhan.

The statement included a warning that its pandemic potential could be quite similar to Sars, which was also transmitted between human beings. The possibility of this human-to-human transmission had actually been previously discussed by researchers all across the border by then, but there was still no official confirmation yet.

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