Elon Musk's standalone aerospace companies, SpaceX and Starlink, are now requesting FCC approval for tests using its very own Satellite internet to see its capabilities, with the Falcon 9 rocket recovery system and ship. Upon approval, this would be the very first licensed mobile user of Starlink.

SpaceX seeks the Federal Communications Commission approval to connect its fleet of rocket recovery ships to the internet beamed down by Starlink's satellite that is now up and running. Regulatory findings show evidence of SpaceX's request to use the company's internet who has the same founder and CEO.

The said request can help Starlink's reputation and test its maritime use capabilities and different large scale industries that happen off-shore. CNBC reports that SpaceX's efforts may help Starlink in identifying its needs and points for upgrades.

The request made by Elon Musk's space company asks the FCC to equip its rocket recovery ships with Starlink's user terminals. The user terminals are small objects on the ground that allow the connection of devices here on land to Starlink's internet network.

Elon Musk's companies' request is only one of the hundreds filed by the company. Other regulatory filings include user terminals and antenna installation on buildings and ground stations to utilize Starlink's satellite internet.

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SpaceX Recovery Ships-First Licensed User of Starlink's Internet

Teslarati reports that SpaceX's request under FCC's regulatory filings would benefit its sister company, Starlink, in testing out the capabilities of its very own internet connection. This move would be a mutually beneficial effort because SpaceX prefers low-Earth orbit satellites for its flexibility and responsive communication services. SpaceX currently relies on off-the-shelf parabolic antennas, including traditional geostationary satellite internet providers that connect its fleet of ships. These said ships collect and recover different spacecraft parts of the company, including the Falcon's boosters, Falcon flarings, and the Dragon spacecraft. Starlink could sure use this testing and prove grounds with SpaceX being a renowned company recognized by many corporations worldwide. SpaceX is the carrier of different space cargo delivered to astronauts and other space stations above the skies. Starlinks internet services were recently in the 'hot seat' for providing a service short to their promise of speeds reaching hundreds of gigabytes per second.

Starlink for the Maritime Industry

The internet connection to the maritime industry would be beneficial and take the market by storm. Off-shore businesses are usually conducted by ships, and different water-based companies and internet connections are known to be limited and scarce. Once proving itself, Starlink may revolutionize the industry by providing an internet connection at any part of the world.

Starlink's beyond-land limits and capabilities can revolutionize connections in different parts of the world, not limited to the maritime industry. In-flight internet connection may soon be available, with Starlink being the sole provider in the air. The revolutionary technology can change internet connectivity, as known by the public.

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