Google reportedly will change the logo of its Gmail platform, from an 'envelope' figure into something else. Not only that, but the colors of Gmail supposedly will follow other Google products: featuring blue, red, yellow, and green. Are you ready to see the latest Google Gmail logo?

Gmail reportedly throws the 'envelope' style for the new logo

Admit it or not, the logo above of Google's Gmail is one of the most remarkable logos in your phone. Of course, aside from the popular social media sites.

But soon, this logo may have to be replaced into a new one. It turns out that Google reportedly has plans to replace the above logo into something else.

As first reported via 9to5Google, the company sent an image to the news site, particularly highlighting the Gmail logo's new design.

9to5Google said that this change is not surprising at all. Almost all Google products, such as the recently-designed map logo has the same four-color scheme.

It incorporates colors red, green, yellow, and blue. This was compared to the present logo with a red and white color scheme.

Here's what the Gmail's new logo looks like, based on 9to5Google:

So far, there are quite a few changes we've seen on the new logo. As explained earlier, the color scheme of the logo will be joining the four-color scheme of the Google brand.

Interestingly, the logo's technical drawing also seemed to be parts of the letter 'M' put together in one figure.

Another surprising observation of this new logo is that there will be no 'envelope' style on the drawing. It may be understandable since mail-- in the figure of the envelope-- is no longer an active way of sending letters, and the app doesn't just send emails no more.

Why Google changes the logo?

The last reported time that Google changed logos was in 2015. The Verge reported at the time, and Google changed the logo in order to highlight the updates that the platform will have for its products.

9to5Google said that the new Gmail logo may have to be in connection with the upcoming updates of the free email service platform.

For now, we don't have any clues yet.

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