A recent video uploaded to Twitter shows just how exciting the Tesla Model S can be. According to a certain comment on the video, if the known Model S already has the specs that a Roadster would also have, what's the point of actually buying a Roadster? Elon Musk was then quick to counter this saying that the Roadster will be better.

Although the promise of the Tesla CEO does not come with any specifications, the reply section was quick to note that the reason why the Model S and the Roadster have "similar" specs is because the revised information about the Roadster's specs has not yet even been announced to the public!


Why hasn't the final Roadster specs come out?

An article written by Teslarati back in October 2019 details that the 2020-2022 reveal of the Tesla Roadster would definitely be a big one and that this electric vehicle is definitely something to look forward to! Although it's already 2020, the official launch date for the Tesla Roadster has not yet been finalized.

Currently, Tesla is quite busy with a whole lot of things. From their gigafactory in Germany which will be their branch to Europe to the Gigafactory being constructed in Texas, Tesla indeed has been quite busy as of lately.

Battery day announcement

Battery Day just happened and Elon Musk revealed quite a lot of exciting plans for the way he plans to manufacture the next generation of batteries that are both cheaper and more efficient for electric vehicles. Currently the batteries are still under production and Elon Musk's plan is to utilize the entire car in general.

According to his statement, he aims for Tesla cars to function just like an airplane that loads up fuel in its wings. This means that Elon Musk wants to make sure that every part of the EV is fully utilized resulting in more efficient production and a drop in price points.

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Tesla's manufacturing techniques

Tesla's long-used and most effective technique when it comes to how they were able to scale electric cars is that they manufacture everything in-house. Since everything is manufactured in-house, there is no need to purchase parts from different sellers.

This is only possible due to Tesla's "uniformity". In comparison to other car companies, the Tesla selection is actually quite small. There are not a lot of Tesla cars to choose from and because there are not a lot of cars to choose from, Tesla is able to scale them massively.

This is why when Tesla releases a new model, they do not just make one for the show and later on struggle with production. The reason why the Roadster took quite a while before finalization is because Tesla has to make sure that they are able to scale this.

According to Elon Musk's statement, we might just have to wait for the Tesla Roadster.

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