Amazon has a new set of devices that you may be thrilled to check out. Here's the list of all the upgraded Echo and Ring gadgets. From flying security cameras to newly-shaped Echo gadgets. Which of these gadgets will you like to buy in the store? 

Amazon's new line of gadgets coming up!

When the month of September comes, Amazon presents new and fresh gadgets as part of its lineup. As expected, the company recently unveiled its new lineup at its latest hardware event.  

Here's a quick background on each new item to expect on Amazon, including prices and redesigned models:

New Echo Model

We have been familiar with the old model of the Echo smart speaker on Amazon. But soon, it will change. 

The new Echo device now has a spherical shape with a fabric finish and an LED ring at the base. Interestingly, the new model also has features adapted from the pricier Echo Studio hi-fi. 

It can now adjust playback to suit the environment. Other than that, all other original features of the device remain the same. 

Amazon UK currently offers these devices at affordable prices. 

Amazon Echo Dot 

If there's an update with the Amazon Echo smart speaker, of course, the Amazon Echo Dot also has its upgrades. 

Just like the standard Echo, its design now has a spherical shape too. Children can also love its other models with animal faces imprinted on it. 

Unfortunately, there are still no release dates for these models, but make sure to wait for it in Amazon virtual store. 

Echo Show 10 

Remember the old version of Amazon's Echo Show with display and camera?

Turns out, starting at the end of the year, the new model offers something different model to its users. A 10-inch display will be included with a round-shaped at the back. 

Interestingly, it has its included clever processor with a camera that Amazon reiterates that no user info or data will be saved to their cloud. This camera screen will follow users around the room and has a sliding button if you want it to turn off. 

Ring Always Home Cam 

If the above items are just redesigned from the original models, the last item on our list, called Ring Always Home Cam, is one of the store's unique gadgets. 

If you're looking for a cost-friendly and effective way to prevent being mugged inside your home, here's the best device from Amazon that you should look forward to. 

Ring Always Home Cam is a home-security camera that effectively listens to noises around the house. Once it heard an unusual noise, it will fly straight to it and get you monitored with everything happening around the house. 

Are you ready to avail of these items? 

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