Elon Musk's SpaceX is definitely going places like their plans with NASA to go to the moon amongst others but an interesting video on YouTube explained that there could be another agenda that these two have. According to a video by Gods of Luxury, there is a particular asteroid out there that is made up of precious metals, most importantly gold!

Elon Musk's plan to mine space gold

The alleged plan is to go there by 2022 to observe and learn more about the asteroid but it could also possibly be mined later on. As for the true intentions of SpaceX when it comes to this asteroid, we should just wait and see.

According to the video, the asteroid is valued at $700 quintillion which means that if it were divided equally amongst the world's population, everyone would get $93 billion each! Forget about poverty, the value of the asteroid could make everyone rich!

What would happen if the gold were to be sold

However, if there were to happen, the economic string affecting the price of gold could alter everything. The price of gold is only high as of the moment because of the demand for it and not just the rare supply. Should the supply of gold become too big, the surplus could create a price drop and instead of being that luxury metal we all know today, it could just as easily become a non-valuable common decorative metal later on.

This could also give Elon Musk unprecedented power becoming ultimately the richest man on the planet if SpaceX and NASA are able to pull this off. Although it may feel a bit uneasy knowing a certain person can easily become this rich, Elon Musk is thinking more towards the future with his companies like Starlink, Neuralink, the Boring Company, Tesla, and so many others.

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What would the money do for the already billionaire Elon Musk?

Although almost all of his companies are functioning amazingly despite the ongoing pandemic, a boost in funds could definitely speed up the plans that Elon Musk has for every single one of his companies. Tesla could potentially expand more globally, Starlink could send more satellites in the sky, Neuralink could afford more scientists and employ the needed help and upgrade the research and development facility, and etc.

If SpaceX were able to go forth with the mining, however, it would be more than enough to fund a whole expansion to another planet which is definitely one of Elon Musk's dream to go to Mars. The mission to find space gold has actually been confirmed by BBC in an article written last March 17 of this current year. Although the trip is said to take place on 2022, who knows if the timeline would be accelerated even before that.

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