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American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services, Space Exploration Technologies Corp., popularly known as SpaceX, will soon have two Dragon spacecraft docked on the International Space Station, bringing crew and cargo for space missions. In 2021, at least one Dragon will stay docked for the entire year, with the other going back to the planet for resupplies and cargo haul.

In the coming months and year, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) ISS will be the so-called 'Dragon's Nest' as it will hold a duo of SpaceX's reusable crew and cargo spacecraft, the Dragon 1. SpaceX's brilliantly designed crewship is the first privately-owned and made ship ever to board the ISS.

SpaceX's Dragon can also bring significant amounts of home cargo from space, aside from its intended utilization, to bring load up in the ISS or other bodies of the celestial heavens. Passengers are also the Dragon capsule's primary focus as it promises seven persons at each departure, orbiting the Earth, and returning.

NASA's astronauts will again don the SpaceX Dragon as its trusted spacecraft for intergalactic travel to the International Space Station. The reusable design of SpaceX makes it an efficient and smart choice for all profound space travels.

The Dragon currently has 23 launches on its belt with 21 visits to the ISS since its original launch ten years ago, in 2010. SpaceX was able to utilize several Dragons for 're-flights' with an impressive nine reflown missions.

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ISS: Dragon's Nest for 2021

According to SpaceX's official Twitter account (@SpaceX), the next Dragon launch would be a crewed mission, bringing astronauts to space. After the manned launch, SpaceX will deploy its upgraded version of the Dragon that is specifically made for cargo missions. The next cargo mission will be the 21st cargo resupply to the ISS.

  The 'resupply' Dragon will make history as it will have two of SpaceX's capsule docked simultaneously in the International Space Station. The alternating cargo and crew missions to and from the ISS will leave at least one Dragon capsule on the ISS for the entirety of 2021. Twitter users speculate on whether the October 31 or Halloween launch mission will be the said Dragon to be the first in ISS. However, Mario Billiani (@_starbase_) clarifies that it would be a different mission, with the said Dragon bound for ISS will launch in November.

A Google Calendar even shows the launches that will happen in the coming days, particularly in October's Halloween and the November SpaceX Dragon bound for the ISS.

Twitter Dubs the Name: Dragon's Nest

Several Twitter users use a Game of Thrones homage for the SpaceX's mythical creature name, Dragon. Blake Wylie (@blakewylie) dubs Elon Musk to be the 'Mother of Dragons,' much like the character, Daenerys Targaryen or Khaleesi, in the hit HBO series.

  Kevin (@spaceXcentric) said that people should start calling the ISS as 'The Nest.' The dragon's nest in mystical folklore is a mighty throne for the creature that possesses great power.

The analogy of dragons and nest to both SpaceX's crewship and the ISS shows humans' astounding innovations in terms of space travels.

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