You've read how to be a great impostor on Among Us. Now, it's time for the Crewmates to step up their game and find out the clear signs to know which of you is the real killer. Here are a few of the red flags you should look out for yourself and your team mates once Among Us begins.

Who's the real killer?

[HACKS] Among Us: How to Spot Impostor or Impostors in a Game
(Photo : Screenshot from: Blitz Youtube Page )
[HACKS] Among Us: How to Spot Impostor or Impostors in a Game

If there's one thing Crewmates would not want to see on the Among Us game, it is the above picture.

Impostors may twist your head, shoot you in the head, or even poke your eye while you're finishing your tasks. If you're a Crewmate, that sucks.

To find out how to stop this from happening all over again, here are some of the clear cut signs that your friend is the real Impostor (s).

The Person Near the Dead Body

This is one of the apparent signs that someone is a killer on Among Us-- that is commonly right.

Once you see a dead body and someone's in there or near with him (but haven't reported yet), you should press that 'Report' button right away because you are directly facing the killer.

That's right. Most of the time, the person near the dead body is usually the killer you're looking for.

Too fast or slow in finishing tasks

[HACKS] Among Us: How to Spot Impostor or Impostors in a Game
(Photo : Screenshot from: Blitz Youtube Page )
[HACKS] Among Us: How to Spot Impostor or Impostors in a Game

In playing Among Us, Crewmates have each designated tasks to fill up the bar and finish the game. 

It sounds easy, but it's not. Good impostors tend to copy everyone's movement and act normal (such as pretending to do tasks). 

To know which is the killer, it is better to memorize all game tasks such as the standard time to finish it. Most impostors go to a task, wait for a couple of seconds, and walk away. Other killers, however, are too slow on finishing tasks. This could also mean they suck at it, or it's their first time playing the game. It's better to follow the first tip. 

Impostors cannot do tasks

Related to the second tip, when you're in a Skeld map, other clear signs also show who's the killer. For example, the 'Medbay' station has scanning equipment that killers cannot use. 

You could also look at the garbage bin at the 'Storage' area and the 'Clear Asteroids' task, which cannot be done by a killer. 

Keep an eye on who you see and remember where you see them 

You should also do on the game to keep track of everything you see in each room. It's better to memorize each color of the Crewmate that enters a room or leaves it. 

This way, once you ask where was the body found, you can pinpoint or try the elimination method with your head. 

The one that follows you anywhere

Yup, the one that follows you anywhere may not be your friend. He's the killer. You should run now. 

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