Tesla's most recent price adjustment through its Gigafactory Shanghai-made Model 3 has brought positive results with certain reports from the whole electric vehicle community indicating Tesla stores over in China are actually starting to see a huge demand for the known all-electric sedan. This is considering the very strong reception of the currently cheaper Model 3, the Tesla numbers from China may actually very well surprise everyone this fourth quarter.

The big move Tesla has made

The Chinese social media gave a strong response to Tesla China's most recent Model 3 price adjustments, especially for the known Standard Range Plus variant, which currently uses the powerful LFP batteries. A particular social media post coming from a Tesla representative remarked that the known company's stores have suddenly been flooded with brand new orders for the Model 3 and that employees now hardly have any time to eat their meals or even converse with their customers.


With the current Model 3 price cuts that are taking effect, Tesla has finally rolled out a certain special perk for the customers who have recently purchased the known all-electric sedan that comes under its old pricing. The known electric car maker now gives a 7-day money-back guarantee to those who buy the vehicle in China. Of course, this means that this is if certain customers would want to return the recently-purchased Model 3, they could do so easily without experiencing any problems.

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The 7-day money-back guarantee as well as the 3 years' worth of free Supercharge!

For certain customers who actually wish to keep their own recently-purchased Model 3, Tesla is actually offering a sort of goodwill gesture by giving those buyers up to three years' worth of completely free Supercharging. This gesture may actually very well go quite a long way up to being able to establish much more rapport with the particular buying public located in China.

Getting up to three years' worth of completely free Supercharge is very much valuable especially for those customers who are quite fond of taking extensively long trips with their own vehicles. Overall, the efforts that the company gave could definitely help them build brand loyalty in China which also matters very much in the competitive markets alike.

Tesla has already been selling their electric vehicles to China for a couple of years but its very own vehicles were actually considered way out of an ideal price range for most mainstream buyers due to the known premium price of both the Model X and the Model S. This has currently changed with the known Tesla Model 3, and also with the introduction of the known locally-made variants of Tesla's all-electric sedan. Tesla has become more affordable to the vast number of Chinese buyers.

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