In a recent tweet, Elon Musk explained that in about six years, the total electronic vehicles per year being bought will go all the way to over 30 million! This was then quickly picked up by the TeslaVibes Twitter page saying that Elon Musk confirmed 30 million vehicles per year even before 2030.

Elon Musk then clarified the statement but gave another shocking estimate saying that it was the total market and not Tesla. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO then stated that they still do see Tesla reaching about 20 million vehicles every single year before reaching 2030 but that it does require consistently excellent execution.


Tesla's previous performance year 2019

This is a huge step from their the previously recorded 2019 record where Tesla was able to sell 367,500 cars in total. Although this number is impressive, it is still a long way to go in order to compare to being able to sell 20 million vehicles every single year before reaching the year 2030. Despite the whole COVID-19 pandemic, Tesla has actually reported pretty decent sales and the stock price has skyrocketed all the way up due to its increasing popularity.

Currently, Tesla is very much focused on expansion which is why they are building a giant Gigafactory over in Germany in order to be their manufacturing arm in the European market. The UK has already expressed their plans to transition into electric vehicles from gasoline and diesel by the year 2035.

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Tesla's battle to win over the UK market

This could potentially be Tesla's key to reach the ideal numbers of 20 million cars being sold per year. Right now, Tesla is supplying the European markets but there is a huge problem that it still faces, the cars are not manufactured in Europe. The whole logistical problems that Tesla experiences with the shipping their cars into the UK can be avoided once they have a manufacturing arm. This is why they picked out Germany.

The Gigafactory in Berlin has even reportedly been looking for an additional 8,000 workers in order to speed up the construction process. This is a huge number of additional employment that Tesla has to offer to the citizens around that area. Despite the whole pandemic, Tesla is very much determined to expand into the European market getting ready for the battle of the electric vehicles.

Come 2050, the UK actually aims to be able to get rid of gasoline and diesel cars altogether which is a great thing for both mother earth and the EV companies. If Elon Musk is able to set up Tesla's presence in the UK EV market, the 20 million per year vehicles being sold could be possible.

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