A particular Tesla hacker has recently revealed just what Tesla's own driver-facing camera used by both the Model 3 and the Model Y is actually looking for. The hacker reveals a really thorough monitoring feature. When Tesla previously launched the known Model 3, it was actually equipped with quite an impressive but also standard cabin-facing camera that was located in the car's very own rearview mirror.

During this time, the automaker even said that the camera actually wasn't really active and it would also be used later on in the future. The known CEO Elon Musk even stated that it will later on be used in order to prevent certain people from actually vandalizing the cars when they are on the road automatically using Tesla's up and coming feature known as the self-driving robotaxi network.

The known camera and its uses

For a lengthy 3 years, the car's camera was actually not used inside the known Model 3 and the Model Y vehicles until some time earlier this year when Tesla reportedly activated their cameras for the very first time. The company was also apparently able to collect a few images and clips to use for their research purposes and claim that they had gotten the consent for each one of them.

An invitation was sent out asking people to help Tesla in order to gain consent.Tesla is actually not actively using the known camera in order to monitor the driver's own attention and instead, Tesla states that it is actually only using the data without specifically being attached to certain specific drivers in order to help improve the currently existing feature as well as the future ones to come.

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Tesla acknowledged to use the camera but for research purposes

Tesla's only acknowledged active driver monitoring feature just when the Autopilot is turned on remains only actually detecting if the torque is activated and is being applied to the car's wheel. There are several other driver-assist systems just like the known GM's Supercruise which are using the known cabin-facing cameras in order to make sure that the drivers are actually looking straight at the road.

According to Electrek, Elon Musk has previously talked down on the known driver-monitoring based on the known gaze tracking system, but it currently looks just like what Tesla is actually working on. However this does not necessarily mean that the company will also release such a typical driver monitoring feature.

This might actually just be for research in order to see if making a useful monitoring feature without the use of cameras would be possible.

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