A luxury car Maserati Ghibli worth almost $200,000 was recently stuck and covered in beach sand at Stockton Beach between Newcastle and Port Stephens in New South Wales on Sept. 30. A ute came and tried to tow the car by attaching a tow cord between the back of the pickup and Maserati bumper. Unfortunately, a different thing happened that made all passersby shout curses.

Don't do this with your too expensive car

[VIRAL] Towing Gone Wrong! $200K Maserati Ghibli Rips Bumper in a Very Heartbreaking Video
(Photo : Photo by Lorenzo Marcinno/Maserati via Getty Images)
In this handout photo provided by Maserati, Maserati June 7, 2015 in Trivero, Italy. New York Knicks basketball player and NBA All-Star, Carmelo Anthony makes a special visit to Maserati's proving grounds en route to Milan Fashion Week to preview the new Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans featuring "made to measure" Ermenegildo Zegna interiors.

The attempt to tow an expensive car out of the beach sand does not happen the way they imagine it.

In a viral video, captured by four-wheel drive tour guide Ian Boicos via Daily Mail UK, a Maserati Ghibli model car was seen as having difficulty starting engine due to being stuck on the beach sand.

A ute or a pickup truck offers to tow the car by putting towing cord attached to the Maserati's bumper and at the back of the pickup.

Surprisingly, this application did not work. All passersby including Boicos were shocked to see the Maserati bumper quickly snapped and ripped out of the vehicle.

The tow truck stops driving, while the Maserati driver seemed to be unaware at first on the video.

People create two theories based on the video: either the car is too heavy to be towed, or Maserati's bumper is actually too fragile to snap like that.

Here's the heartbreaking video of the Maserati Ghibli via Daily Mail UK:

As of now, it was unclear how or why the expensive car Maserati Ghibli was stuck on the beach sand at that time. 

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How expensive is this vehicle?

[VIRAL] Towing Gone Wrong! $200K Maserati Ghibli Rips Bumper in a Very Heartbreaking Video
(Photo : Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images for Maserati)
Giorgio Rocca poses near a Maserati Ghibli during the Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz 2018 on January 28, 2018 in St Moritz, Switzerland

There are three different model cars with the name of Maserati Ghibli: AM115, a V8 grand tourer from 1966 to 1973; the AM336, a V6 twin-turbocharged coupé from 1992 to 1998; and the M157, an executive saloon from 2013 onwards. 

The car on the video is still unknown model of Maserati Ghibli, however, reports said that this car is almost worth $200,000. 

Maserati is an Italian automobile manufacturer that also used by few famous celebrities or personalities in America. 

This includes Jay Leno, Bradley Cooper, Gwen Stefani, Joe Walsh, or even Lionel Messi. 

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