A certain YouTuber known as Marques Brownlee who usually covers different topics related to technology even being able to interview Elon Musk at one point, released a series of Tweets where he was able to try the known Volkswagen and after describing the details. He then stated how "dangerous" it was due to the lack of noise that it makes making it harder for other drivers to hear the car coming by.

Just recently, the YouTuber said he was finally able to drive the very new electric vehicle, the Volkswagon ID.4 at the proper studio just this week. He then stated that although it's not really the most thrilling experience in the world, he continued to state that those kinds of cars are exactly the type of cars needed in order to see electric vehicles in general catch on or take over.

What makes the Volkswagen ID4 a good beginner car?

Although Marques Brownlee stated that it wasn't the most exciting, he then defended the statement by saying that this is actually what most people WANT for their very first electric car. He stated that most people first want Familiarity and this is something that the ID4 has done correctly.

It is known that the Volkswagen ID4 works on an incredible 250 mile range with a 77kwH accessible battery and comes with 125Kw charging. It's starting price is also around $40K which is not bad for an electric vehicle. Most complaints about electric vehicles are the starting price but with cars like the Volkswagen ID4 making everything more affordable, this should potentially attract new buyers.


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Why is Tesla so important in the electronic vehicle world?

Marques Brownlee then stated and reminded people that Tesla is currently working their way to being able to provide a good electric vehicle with a much lower price. Currently, nobody is actually mass producing a GOOD $25K electric vehicle just yet. With the upcoming batteries that Elon Musk announced on battery day, electric vehicles could become more efficient and cheaper in the long run but currently, actions still have to be taken in order to generally lower the price.

Marques Brownlee then stated while sharing a video that the silence of an electric car makes it dangerous because other drivers will have a hard time hearing it but the Volkswagen ID4 actually applies a fake noise just to mimic the sound that a regular car would make. This fake noise makes it sound just like the regular petrol or diesel cars when stepping on the gas pedal.

This is also something applied to other electric vehicles making sure that the driver is safe while they are driving.


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