Chinese Whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan has been making headlines for alleging that the coronavirus actually came from a laboratory in Wuhan as opposed to the previous belief that the virus came from a wet market. Li-Meng Yan alleged that the virus was manufactured inside a laboratory and that her seniors all knew about the virus but chose to keep it a secret.

Li-Meng Yan's allegations

According to her reports, the virus could have been stopped if they did not keep the information a secret when there were only five positive cases to begin with. She alleged that the deadly virus was already released but they only acknowledged it when it was too late.

Dr. Yan announced that she has been treated harshly by the Chinese Communist Party and has even experienced cyber attacks. Dr.  Yan's original social media account was previously deleted but she has been able to make a new Twitter account that has not yet been taken down.

The truth to the controversial topic

The controversial topic has been picked up by many news stations like Fox News giving her the opportunity to share her story to the media. Although it was pointed out that there were flaws in her research by certain peers who reviewed her studies, the truth of the story has not yet been completely validated.

Just recently, Dr. Yan also alleged that her mother back in China was arrested by the Chinese Communist Party in an attempt to threaten and silence her. However, the Chinese virologist is still very firm about sharing her story in hopes that the truth will be revealed.

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The virus could not have been released by accident?

In another recent video that went out just last week regarding Dr. Yan's coronavirus story, she revealed even more information about the events surrounding its release. According to her, the virus was intentionally released due to how strict the laboratory was and how impossible a mistake could have happened.


Dr. Li-Meng Yan described the working environment saying that the P3 lab, where she worked, as well as the P4 lab, was under strict protocols and they were all put under strict surveillance and that only employees have passes. It would have been impossible to sneak out the virus without being detected unless it was an inside job.

She stated that they all have 24 hour 7 days a week surveillance cameras within the lab so if someone were to smuggle the virus outside of the lab, they would have been caught. There was supposedly an exam that was taken and that all of the researchers supposedly went through strict training in order to make sure the team was filtered. She then stated that "there is no way for these kinds of accidents to be released."

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