The popular Chinese whistleblower virologist known as Dr. Li-Meng Yan has recently created a second account on Twitter after previously being banned from the social media platform back on September 15 for sharing a specific scientific study about the origins of the alleged CCP virus, otherwise known as the coronavirus. The study that Dr. Li-Meng Yan published has actually been downloaded over 620,000 times through the use of Zenodo.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan's popularity as the Chinese virologist whistleblower

Dr. Li-Meng Yan is more popularly known as the Chinese virologist who previously claimed that the original coronavirus was actually cooked up in a particular military laboratory. It was also recently revealed that the Chinese authorities have actually arrested her own mother.

Li-Meng Yan also claims to have actually been a former researcher at the known Hong Kong School of Public Health. Her famous statements include the known coronavirus actually coming from the merging of generic materials of two different bat coronaviruses.

The allegations against the Chinese Communist Party

The news was actually first announced by a particular Guo Wengui, a certain fugitive Chinese tycoon who is popularly known for his own criticism against the strong Communist Party, during a certain radio show that was aired earlier this week.

Ms Yan then confirmed that her very own mother was reportedly arrested to a particular US-based website known as The Epoch Times some time yesterday but actually did not provide any further detail regarding the arrest.

Yan previously fled China to the United States back in April after the whole bombshell exploded with her claims that the COVID-19 was actually man-made and did not come from nature. Her personal Twitter account was actually taken down back in mid-September right after she directly accused China itself of intentionally manufacturing as well as releasing the whole COVID-19.

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Her suspension from social media

In a particular with Fox News' very own Tucker Carlson, Yan then claimed that she was actually suspended because they allegedly did not want people to actually know this truth. She then stated that she has evidence that can show just why they are capable of doing something like that, what they actually did, and also how they were able to do this.

She stated that the scientific world has also been keeping silent and that they have been "working" along with the known Chinese Communist Party to all hide this truth. That was what she stated was the alleged reason why she actually got suspended, suppressed, and is also currently a target that the Chinese Communist Party wants to disappear.

A certain video of the whole interview segment that was posted on the known Tucker Carlson Tonight's show's page currently comes along with a particular warning that labels it as "false information". This post then repeats the given information about the known COVID-19 that certain independent fact-checkers claim to be false.

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