Chinese Whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan has been making headlines after alleging that the coronavirus actually came from a laboratory in Wuhan and was produced by the Chinese Communist Party. She also alleged that there were great attempts to silence her in hopes of hiding the alleged truth of the virus' origin.

These attempts include being personally asked to not share what she found by her superiors, her mother allegedly being arrested back in China, and her social media accounts being suspended. Just recently, she has resurfaced on Twitter with another account that she has slowly been using in order to spread awareness with regards to the alleged origin of the coronavirus and the big coverup scheme.


Who is Zev Zelenko?

She retweeted a certain post by a certain Dr. Zev Zelenko stating that he is planning a class action lawsuit against Twitter and he is all lawyered up and also ready to go. He then called anyone who is interested to join to approach and directly message him in order to be able to help.

Dr. Zev Zelenko's Twitter profile calls those people who are interested in funding his whole COVID-19 related work by providing his paypal account in order to accept donations. It was also stated in his profile that he is actually an M.D. at the known Jacobs School of Medicine, SUNY located in Buffalo.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan expressed her support towards Dr. Zev Zelenko

In the retweet by Dr. Li-Meng Yan, she urged people to go and support Dr. Zelenko stated that he was a great and heroic doctor who was also forced to be silent due to him allegedly helping innocent people fight against the known COVID-19 with the use of Hydroxychloroquine.

She then questioned why Twitter would actually allow different accounts just like WHO, to use the social media platform in order to cover up the whole truth of COVID-19 with the CCP.

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The recent published report by Dr. Li-Meng Yan

Dr. Li-Meng Yan published a second paper to Zerohedge with regards to the origin of the coronavirus alleging large scale 'organizational fraud' to both politics and the science community in general. In that report, she claimed that COVID-19 was created as an 'unrestricted bioweapon' by the CCP inside a lab located in Wuhan.

Claims include the statement that the "origin strain" otherwise known as the RaTG13 which was believed to be the root for the coronavirus, was claimed to be a fecal sample but only contained 1.7% bacteria as opposed to the regular 70-90% bacteria.

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