Just recently, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced on Twitter that a total of eight countries have now signed up for the #Artemis Accords! The known Artemis program will actually be the first broadest and also most diverse team of international space exploration coalition ever recorded in history.


Currently, the countries that have signed up have majorly or minorly been involved with the whole space exploration venture with the United Arab Emirates being the most recent of them all.

Here is the list of Artemis Accords countries that have participated:

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Italy

  • Luxembourg

  • United States of America

  • United Kingdom

  • United Arab Emirates

According to NASA's website, NASA previously announced that it was establishing the whole Artemis Accord some time earlier this year in order to guide the future cooperative activities that are to be implemented through the process of bilateral agreements that aim to describe both responsibilities as well as legal provisions.

The partners will also ensure that their own activities will actually comply with the whole accords in later on carrying out the proper cooperation. The international cooperation on the whole Artemis is actually intended not only to be able to bolster space exploration but should also enhance the peaceful relationships between the different nations.

The Outer Space Treaty is going to be applied

The known Artemis Accords are said to both reinforce and implement the previous Treaty of Principle Governing the Activities of State in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space back in 1967. The treaty actually included the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies. To make things short, this treaty can be called the Outer Space Treaty.

This treaty also works as a reinforcement to the commitment by the United States as well as their governing partner nations to the known Registration Convention, a particular Agreement on the whole Rescue of Astronauts, and the other norms of behavior that both NASA as well as its partners have actually supported, including the agreement of public release for the scientific data.

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The NASA Artemis Accords also includes a few principles. Here they are:

  • Peaceful Exploration

  • Transparency

  • Interoperability

  • Emergency Assistance

  • Registration of Space Objects

  • Release of Scientific Data

  • Preserving Heritage

  • Space Resources

  • Deconfliction of Activities

  • Orbital Debris

The Artemis Accords is actually expecting additional countries to come and join for the next months or years ahead as NASA still continues to work with its known international partners in order to establish a peaceful, safe, and also prosperous future in outer space. NASA is reportedly working with newer emerging space agencies and existing partners as well as well-established space agencies. NASA says that it will add both new energy and capabilities in order to ensure that the whole world can benefit from the known Artemis journey of both exploration and discovery.

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