Five Global Companies Involved in Cryptocurrencies
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Whenever you surf the internet, you will find news on cryptocurrencies. Digital currencies have become the most trending topic of the world and if you are not involved in them, start it today. Many people think that cryptocurrencies are not investments or speculation.

No doubt, cryptocurrencies are highly speculative investments but with the big players entering into the markets shows that these currencies are going to be stable and provide steady returns in the near future. In this article, we will know about the top five global companies that are involved in cryptocurrencies.

Global Companies Involved in Cryptocurrencies

In the early years, some of the top global companies like Microsoft have started accepting cryptocurrencies for their products and services. Today, many companies are also planning to offer their own cryptocurrencies.


IBM is an early adopter of cryptocurrencies. It is actively involved in the crypto space. IBM is working on different projects on the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies that is blockchain. It is offering many innovative solutions by developing blockchain-based applications and software for other businesses.

It also offers smart contract services to different businesses for contract settlements. IBM is specifically working on the Ethereum blockchain network, which is a great platform for developing decentralized applications and crypto tokens.


The social media giant Facebook released its cryptocurrency in the month of Jue 2020. The name of the cryptocurrency is Libra; its crypto project Libra Association names it. The Libra Associations is a subsidiary project of Facebook where different companies have invested in the project for the development and running of the crypto project. It is the only digital currency project which holds the highest corporate investment.

Although many people are excited about it and compared it with the most popular digital currency, bitcoin, however, some crypto experts stated that Libra is not a cryptocurrency because it breaks the rules of decentralization. It is a centralized digital currency that can be manipulated by the parent organizations.

JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase is one of the leading investment banks in the world. It is the sixth-largest corporate bank that has a total asset of more than $2.5 trillion. Recently, the bank has shown interest in the crypto industry. It is planning to issue its digital currency for its customer that will make the transaction processes easier and convenient.

Some sources stated that the bank has already created its coin named JPMCoin. The organization focuses on three major factors by issuing crypto coins.

●      International Transactions

●      Securities transactions

●      Treasury services for large organizations

Arias Intel Corp

The tech giant Arias Intel Corp. is interested in mobile gaming and media. This company is focused on creating a crypto coin called iNEO. The company is aiming to create the crypto coin for settling smart contracts. Moreover, the crypto coin will be used for making payments for goods and services.

It will offer its cryptocurrencies in its apps and mobile games. The company is focused on solving the two major challenges of blockchain technology, i.e., security and payment issues.


The largest supply chain business of the world, Walmart, is also interested in inferring its cryptocurrency. It was searching for a significant financial system for its customers and planning to release its crypto coin.

Although there is no official announcement about the name of the cryptocurrency that it will offer to its customers. Many rumors have spread that the name of the coin will be WalmartCoin. The customers will get great benefits if Walmart releases its crypto coin.

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The above companies are the top companies with a huge impact on the world. As these companies have started using cryptocurrencies, and some of them, like Facebook, has developed its crypto coin. It is clear from the above that the demand for crypto coins will be high in the future. Hopefully, the article has provided you some useful information; now, please leave your opinions below.

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