A group of friends decided to recreate the popular "Among Us" game in real life and upload the video to YouTube titled "Real Life AMONG US 900 IQ Impostor Plays!" which gives us an idea of how to catch the impostor. The popular game has gained its place as a new favorite of both old-time and new gamers alike. The game has suddenly been played by most of the popular gaming names like PewDiePie and many others.

The popular "Among Us" game that makes use of Discord

The popular game is played by a team of players including an impostor or sometimes more depending on the number of players. The players are then set off to accomplish certain tasks while being on-guard trying to find the actual killer among them.

The game is usually played using another software called Discord that helps players communicate with one another even while playing. The creative use of Discord has made the game even more memorable since it requires discussion mixed with trickery on the impostors part trying to convince the other players that they are not the impostor but just another player trying to carry out tasks.

The clever mechanics have made the game a blockbuster among friends and other players on the internet. A group of YouTubers decided to recreate the whole game experience but in real life! The group of friends set up the whole game to be just like it was when played on the computer or on the smartphone.

The YouTubers were able to recreate a pretty close setup

The setup was complete with 8 players and security cameras located all around the house where they set up the playing field. Although still very different from the video game, the YouTubers were able to play "Among Us" quite closely to the actual game. Because of the set up, it was tricky how to catch the impostor.

The interesting parts are when the players call a meeting to find a killer while indicating on an actual blackboard who they have decided to vote out. Although the impostor was almost caught, the game was able to proceed just like it normally would in the actual game. The impostor tried to craftily play part of the team while giving off pretty solid excuses.

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Was the game harder in real life?

The voting process seemed harder with the face-to-face interactions as one play even switched his vote last minute. The impostors, however, were not who the players expected as they were torn between doing their tasks and spotting the actual impostor.

Due to the limitation of space, the game seemed more challenging for the impostor making that person have to sneak their way around the house. Sirens were also used just like in the real game in order to lure and distract players from finding the actual impostor.

One of the players even pointed out another player as an impostor due to his smile and suspicious movements. The entertaining YouTube channel that recreated "Among Us" is called Preston and they also have other videos where they play the game but in a much more scaled environment.

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