Seven months since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, more new cases are being recorded, but the economy has already opened up. While the risk of the virus still lingers, businesses find ways to keep their establishments safe.

San Diego-based tech firm Onscreen has introduced a solution to help people to confidently enter public spaces. OneScreen's GoSafe checks temperature while it also has artificial intelligence that can identify someone within a second, even while wearing a face mask.

OneScreen Go Safe
(Photo : OneScreen Solutions/YouTube)
OneScreen Go Safe

OneScreen has been developing interactive collaboration and communication software and hardware solutions to boost teamwork and productivity in healthcare, education, corporate, and government settings for more than 20 years.

OneScreen GoSafe Features

GoSafe boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that allows highly efficient Artificial Intelligence in the device to provide the most secure storage and data processing.

It includes centralized management for multiple scanners, attendance, and data. More importantly, GoSafe is the only thermal scanner which includes live video assistance, so it knows when a person is wearing a mask. It can also be integrated to automatic door access, so they will only open up if guests wear masks.

OneScreen Go Safe
(Photo : OneScreen Solutions)
OneScreen Go Safe

Moreover, Snapdragon lets customers use the device offline or online with cloud data storage or LAN since internet is not needed in processing facial scans. Also, OneScreen provides unlimited support and training for free.

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OneScreen GoSafe Clients

Launched in June, GoSafe already sold about 5,000 units to schools, businesses, and government establishments and it continuously sees a growing demand.

One Screen Vice President of Sales Kevin Wong said there is a high demand for the GoSafe. "At the end of the day, I think everyone wants to be safe during COVID-19," Wong noted. This includes anyone who wants to return to work or school while ensuring the facilities are safe as possible. "This is the kind of product for them," he added.

OneScreen Go Safe
(Photo : OneScreen Solutions/YouTube)
OneScreen Go Safe

Among their vast majority of customers Redford Union School District, Kansas City Kansas Public Schools, University of San Diego, and Community College of Baltimore County for the education sector while businesses include Qualcomm, Hyatt, Philips, Harry Winston, and Black + Veatch.

OneScreen also supports government facilities in Guttenberg and Jersey City in New Jersey as well as the Port of San Diego in California.

Qualcomm Uses GoSafe AI

Aside from checking temperatures, GoSafe can also function as a facial recognition scanner as does great in doing eye scans. This ensures that faces are recognized even when half of the face is covered by face mask.

The device can store up to 30,000 images. Qualcomm, the one which developed of the Snapdragon processor that the GoSafe scanner uses, also has the OneScreen system set up at its San Diego office.

University of San Diego GoSafe

OneScreen's growing range of clientele includes the University of San Diego which has now already reopened for students. While USD is only using the thermal checker function for of its students, it works fast which is great for students rushing to their class.

"I get my temperature checked and they give me a wristband," Jordyn McBride told NBC San Diego. McBride also thinks GoSafe is a "cool device."

The thermal scanner sits on top of the GoSafe device. It automatically scans the forehead and ensures the temperature sits within the allowed temperature. This is much better that having a total stranger put a temperature gun close to the head.

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